Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hermina's Closet

Hermina is quite a fashionable little girl playing dress up as a witch for Halloween. 

Today in class we created her clothes.  Her sweater is a bulky striped knit of Fuzzy Stuff and Ribbon. It's a good solid knit that mom would approve of to keep her warm while Trick or Treating.

Over the top of her sweater she has a giant cut out pumpkin.  Yes, it's a cut out pumpkin.  It's flat.  Now, I love the stitch we used on her pumpkin as the round shape of the stitch echoes the roundness of the pumpkin but because it is stitched in plied silk with accents of metallic ribbon it really does read as a flat.  It's not a big round dimensional pumpkin.

My favorite part of her outfit is her skirt.  It's a great stitch worked in 3 parts with 3 different threads.  It has lots of texture in just the right shade of yellow.

Her shoes are shiny and sparkly and will keep her feet moving until next class when we meet her friends, the frog and the silly gourd.  Until then......
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