Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

I'm a bling girl.  I know it;  you know it;  we all know it.

If there's a way to add beads or crystals to my needlepoint, I'm going to do it.  I sometimes forget I can also add bling via my favorite tool, the hot fix crystal applicator.  Yesterday, I happily added crystals to too projects and they look great.

On one I used the crystals as the finishing touch to bring it to life just before sending it to the finisher, on the other I'm not even halfway done and I've already blinged it up!  And there are plans for more bling!

Hot fix crystals sit flat on the canvas as opposed to beads which are round or bicone shaped.  They reflect light differently, so why not mix it up and all the bling to add perspective and depth to our needlepoint too?

This got me to thinking that the hot fix crystal applicator would be the perfect stocking stuffer.  Not too big, not too expensive and imagine the fun you could have sparkling Christmas Day to a new level.  Just remember to ask Santa to bring crystals too.  Otherwise, you will be just like the kid on Christmas morning with no batteries for his new toy.

Applying crystals is super easy and fun.  Plug in the applicator, let it get hot and away you go.  Pick up a crystal with the applicator, allow the glue to melt for a second or two and then position where desired on needlepoint, clothing, greeting cards.  What could be easier?  The crystals come in different sizes and colors.  Yes, there is glue involved on the back of the crystal and over time it could degrade but really, is it going to happen in this lifetime?  Probably not.

Have fun, add some sparkle to your world and feel free to remind Santa that you are a bling girl too!
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