Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays

Where has this month gone???  Just days ago it feels like we started the holiday mystery and here we are at the last class already. 

I found great buttons that were perfect additions to the Noel and Jingle canvases and as you know with me, one thing leads to another and before you know it we have jingle bells on the canvas too!  What fun it is when your canvas jingles...... and you are still stitching on it.

I did add a few more beads in the background for a little extra sparkle. 

I know I will finish mine as pillows but the current game plan is for them to be very different pillows.  I'm waiting for trim to arrive. As soon as it does, the elves will work their magic. Yes, the elves are tired but they want to see these pillows complete too, so I think they will work quickly.

The shop is closed for a few extra days around Christmas.  I'll be working  hard on stitching other things to make you smile during the gray days of winter.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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