Sunday, January 30, 2011

The snowman is dressed!!!!

Our snowman mystery class is really a  lot of fun.  The snowman is coming to life and popping off the canvas.  In this lesson we are going to start dressing the snowman.  He definitely needs a hat and a scarf!  And it is snowing out so who would be surprised to find snow on his hat.

Again the most important things are the outlines.  How do we get those to work for us and not be a challenge.

The hat is black, so that's easy, we combined the black outlines into the body of the hat and voila he looks dapper!

The scarf is another matter.  It is stitched in Knit stitch with a direction change for the tails.  I selected colors that were dramatic;  pink and red, lime green and kelly.  The colors are farther apart than what I would usually use for shading but in such a small space this helps us create dimension and make the scarf look full and fluffy around his neck.

The other little magic trick is stitching over one of the outlines, not both.  I stitched over the outline at the top of the scarf and the top of the scarf tails but left the one below showing to create a bold shadow.  If you look at the stitched scarf versus the blank canvas last week, you can see how well this works.

You know I love beads and I love doing different things with beads.  Typically we attach our beads in nice neat little rows on a canvas.  I did exactly that to create the snow on this canvas but then, drumroll please…..  I added even more beads on top. Just pile them on, add as many as you like.  In mixed shades of white, light blue and lavender it creates fluffy wind borne snow.  In shades of gold, it creates a golden treasure found beneath the sea. 

We also started the inner circle framing the snowman.  It's painted as a striped circle and while that's true to the art, I wanted to calm it down just a little. Yes, surprising coming from me!  I used a single thread and stitch over both colors.

That's it for now.  We had snow this week and more snow or ice is maybe on the way next week.  That could mean extra stitching time, or it could mean more time shoveling. 

Talk to you soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My, Oh My, Oh My!

Kelly Clark designs the most amazing canvases.

Add to that her stitching, which takes them to a new level.

Add to that the finishing and then you have a mini masterpiece!

Kelly has done it again with her brand new tassel club. She designed twelve tassels and has stitched them and had them finished with such style that you are going to want them on display all year round.  And, here's the good news, they are tassels, why not leave them out all year long?

The club includes three red and green tassels, three green and red, three blue and cream and three blue and rust tassels.

On the 10th of each month starting in July we will send you a handpainted canvas and stitch guide to recreate yours just like Kelly's.  There will be an optional thread/bead kit that can be purchased with the first shipment.  On the 11th month you will receive one tassel canvas and stitchguide absolutely free as a thank you for joining our club!

If you want more details, or want to join us click here or call us at 410.296.0405.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Here we go again......

Brenda Hart was here this weekend teaching one of her popular embellishment classes.  Each student brings a different canvas and Brenda picks threads and stitches for us all.  Brenda has a knack for selecting stitches that the average person wouldn't think of. 

OH MY are they perfect!

The other really special thing about Brenda is that she is open and giving.  Not only does she share her wealth of knowledge freely but she is open to ideas and suggestions.  What if we did this?  What if we used this thread?  Brenda will work with you while allowing you to grow and learn.  How cool is that?

Depending upon the canvas, sometimes you get threads and stitches for your entire canvas, sometimes only parts.  Either way, a good time is had by all. 

I'll admit a better time would probably be had if I put away the camera :-) Sorry ladies we need pictures.

We even had an honorary guest in class.  This is Graffiti.  She's trained as a therapy dog and is just amazing.  She loves to come and stitch (read sleep) until dinner time.  No questions asked.  She just hangs out.

Brenda, thanks for sharing a wonderful weekend with us. Especially a magical weekend that included your birthday.  Happy Birthday.  Where you are you still have more than 3 birthday hours left this year!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Halloween Somewhere, right?

Well maybe somewhere in my fantasy world.  I have a very vivid fantasy world, you know.

Hermina Batwings, our Fall mystery class is back from the finisher in all her over the top glory.   I had her finished as a standup box.

Love her!

Here she is with her new friend.  Don't they make a handsome couple?

Sunday, January 09, 2011

There's snow in the forecast!

Hi there.  Our current mystery class at Bedecked and Beadazzled is a Michael Stoebner snowman canvas.  I really like Michael's sense of whimsy.  There's an excessive number of his canvases on my "to do" list. Maybe one day I will work through them all.  I'm living to be 6000 right?

There are several things about this canvas that can overwhelm many stitchers.  One is the number of small areas, the second is the black outlines.

I interpreted this canvas from an illustration.  Michael's style is somewhat watercolory, but with strong outlines.  When painting on canvas, we have a grid to deal with.  All of the canvases I produce are stitchpainted, this means that each canvas intersection must be specifically one color or another;  no guesswork for the stitcher :-)

With this grid in mind, sometimes areas become a little bigger or smaller than they were in the original.  Particularly fine details and black outlines.

So, as we are designing the stitches, our job is to deal with the outlines, making some smaller, some as painted and some nonexistent.

I began by stitching the background in an all over light pattern stitch using Kreinik Very Fine (#4) Braid.  I covered both the peach and the white painted areas using the same thread and stitch.

Next was the snowman himself.  I wanted him to sparkle like glistening snow.  He is worked in a 3-part stitch.  The first 2 parts are again Kreinik Very Fine (#4) Braid allowing all of the wonderful colors underneath to show through.  I covered all the painted colors except the black outlines.  The third step is beads!  Come on, you knew there would be beads :-)

His nose is simple;  Diagonal Long Stitch worked using Petite Frosty Rays.  Here I covered one of the black outlines - the top one.  This allows the bottom outline to redefine the shadow his big nose is casting.  

Finally, I gave him a big wooden arm!  A chenille stem is cut and twisted into the right size and shape and then Satin Stitched over with Gloriana Lorikeet.  I love Lorikeet for things that need to look worn or rough or outdoorsy.

Kits went out tonight to everyone stitching this piece.  I'm off to work on what's next for our snowman.  I think he needs his clothes designed next!

Wishing you happy snowdays.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Painted Canvas becomes Counted Canvas!

I know many of you are fans of EyeCandy Needleart painted canvases.  How can you not be they exude happiness?

What to do if you just don't have a spot for a pink and green geometric in your world?  You can of course change the colors on any painted canvas but that takes a little planning.  You need stitches and threads that cover completely.

For a little variety in your stitching world, what about counted canvaswork?  I am pleased to announce that 4 of Ada's very popular painted canvases are now available as counted designs.  Pick your own colors and have fun! The possibilities are endless.
Counted Puzzle is the counted canvas version of Harvest Colors Puzzle

Alpine Puzzle is the counted canvas version of Pastel Puzzle

Orchid Maze is the counted canvas version of Lily Maze

Stripes, Dots & Checks is the counted canvas version of Cool Dots
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