Sunday, March 13, 2011

The end of one story, the beginning of another

You know that feeling you get when a good book comes to an end and you really don't want to see it end.  That's the feeling I have with this canvas.  This has been my favorite canvas to stitch of all the mysteries.  Lots of details, lots of color changes, all the things that make me happy in a canvas and make me not want to put it down. Not to mention all the opportunities to add bling!

The outer border is now complete. I love the red crystal berries.  Mine are sewn on with invisible thread;  you could of course use hot fix crystals.  Either will be beautiful. Each of the hearts is embellished with a crescent stitch.  It curls and whirls in the center of the heart.

Finally our birds came to life.  This was the final area of challenge with the black outlines.  At first I thought I should make the outlines go away as they make the birds look cartoony. However, upon trying that I realized I had succeeded in making mud.  The little birdies vanished into the background.  So, out the stitches came and we were back to allowing the black outlines to be exposed.

The birds themselves are so small that fitting a stitch in them wasn't the answer.  They are simply Basketweave in combinations of Petite Peluche and Fuzzy Stuff.  To make them fuzzy they are roughed up with a piece of velcro.  I really like using velcro to disturb stitches.  It's easier to control than a nap brush.  You can bend and fold it to get into all the little corners.

As this canvas comes to an end we have left some black outlines exposed, erased others from view all with the goal of bringing some items forward and letting others recede.  If a canvas is painted with shading, there's probably a reason for it.  It's probably one of the things that drew you to the canvas in the first place.  You liked the curves and form and depth that the shading gave you.  So, while I love different stitches you can't always just plop a stitch on a canvas and expect it to work.  It's going to flatten out the area.  You need to work on ways to keep the shading and the depth in the canvas and then add even more depth with texture.  That's what's going to bring your needlepoint to life.

Until next time;  I'll be plotting and planning the Zecca Bird in a Nest mystery!  We start in 2 weeks!  Happy Spring.


Vicky said...

OMG Ruth! you have outdone yourself again! I am not sure what I like best...the bling? the gorgeous ribbon rose? the border? the crescent stitch in the hearts? the beads? well I guess that I love it all.

GrannySue said...

Oh now beautiful. I can do the basic needlepoint thing, but this is just amazing. Thanks so much for sharing it. Just incredible.

Ruth Schmuff said...

Thanks for the kudos. The gods did align on this one making me very happy. I'm so glad you all are stopping by to visit.

Piedmont Pediatrics at Oak Hill said...

This is fantastic. I am anxious to get my kit. Also, I can only imagine what you will do with the zecca canvas knowing all of their buttons and decorations.

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