Sunday, March 27, 2011

Signs of Spring

Aaaah, the excitement of a first date.  What will it be? Where will we go?  That's how I feel starting our next mystery.  Where will this journey lead us?

This is such a happy canvas designed by Zecca.  There is so much going on.  Great colors, potential for great stitches and texture.  The fun thing is that it's all total fantasy. 

No rules, just play time.

I started with the dirt under the bird.  I always do the parts I am least excited about first.  That gets them out of the way. If I leave them until the end, the question remains, will I finish?

I decided to spice up the dirt with the use of 3 different threads.  The stitch is easy and fun to follow. It has to be if we are stitching on a dark color.  The use of the 3 different threads in a random method gives the dirt more depth.

The bird is an important part of the canvas we want it feathery and fun but at the same time, it is a cartoon bird.  Leaf stitches of 2 varieties did the trick.  The body is a mini leaf pattern worked in the most glorious shade of Thread Gatherer Silk N'Colors accented with the perfect shade of Midnight Kreinik Braid.

The wing is a different leaf stitch giving us some movement and flow.  It's worked in Fuzzy Stuff and then roughed up so that it comes forward more.

A few beady accents and we are done for this week. Who knows where the journey leads next.


Robin said...

I've been waiting all day for this post. Great job, Ruth. Your "peeps" will have a fun time with this mystery. Hugs, Robin

Ruth Schmuff said...

Aren't you just to clever. Thanks for visiting.

Missy Gray said...

This looks super!

Carol in Indian Springs Village said...

Wow, this is really super! Now I'm wanting to get my 18-count canvas design out and try some of this magic. The beads are perfect!

Maia said...

I love it. So fun.

Jocelyn in NZ said...

Thanks for showing us how well the leaf stitches wrok for a bird - I would never have thought of that.

I can't wait to see how you do those fabulous flowers!

Rebecca said...

I'm having trouble getting started. Are you talking about filling in all the dirt under the bird? What about the yellow lines under the bird. Do we cover those up? HELP.

Please contact me at

Rebecca said...

For the ground, it sayw to cut the perle 5 in halv and the Boucle at both ends of the loop. Begin - work with the 3 threads. I only have 2 to work with. Where is the 3rd?

Rebecca in IA

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