Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Nifty App

I do love technology!  When Sandy Arthur called and told me her book (shapes of needlepoint) was also available as an app for the iphone I was hooked.

What a great system, you can search by shape, name or thread count.  No more wondering if you can do a Broad Cross Boxed over 6 x 6 threads.  Here it is.

Some of the stitches even have helpful hints that can pop up about them!

Another must have app for our iphones!  You can download the app here.

And while you are at it, it's still a great book for the library.  Yes, thanks to technology I think we need all versions and formats.  We have the book in stock if you would like a copy.



Piedmont Pediatrics at Oak Hill said...

I had been wanting that book. Thanks for the tip--I just downloaded it.

Jackie said...

I would love this app and Ruth's app, but have an Android phone. Can we get these available on Androids???

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