Sunday, May 22, 2011

The flowers are a'blooming!

Wowsy, wowsy.  The flowers on our mystery canvas have burst into bloom in the last few weeks.  Just like flowers in a garden one day you look and there they are.

Just like flowers in a garden no two are alike.

They are great fun to stitch.  All the flowers use basically the same stitches, just in different combinations.  I wanted them all to be different but still look like they belong together.  There are satin stitches to fill the backgrounds of the flower and loopy lazy daisy stitches to add a little flippy fun to the petals.  I even managed to add a few folded ribbon roses to the mix.

We set the pace with the first flower we stitched so all our others need to be equally fluffy and fun. 

As you can see we've added some more zecca buttons.  Can't go wrong with that either.

After class today some of our flower designers were plotting color changes.  That will be fun to see in future posts.  Perhaps the gray in the flowers will go away and be replaced with something else?  Rumor currently has pink and yellow taking the lead for color changes. Time will tell.

One more lesson to finish the last of the flowers, the dragonfly and the nest.  How cute is our bird. 


beth said...


Vicky said...

The flowers are wonderful! Each one I look at I like better than the last! I love 'em all.

Plays with Needles said...

I LOVE them!! What a happy post! And I love the pics too! Esp. those side's wonderful!

Ruth Schmuff said...

Can you believe we are almost finished with this large canvas? It is a happy piece.

Thanks for the compliments.

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