Thursday, May 05, 2011

Home Decor for Santa

The Noel and Jingle pillows from our Holiday Mystery Class have finally returned from the finisher.  They are lovely.  Not sure they are exactly what I had in mind but they are lovely non-the-less.  I will say whenever I see them, all I can picture is the spread in Architectural Digest on Santa and Mrs. Claus' bedroom. 

I see the big lovely sleigh bed with a fluffy fetherbed on top and piles of yummy comforters and quilts.  Big squishy pillows and then these two charmers in the front. 

It is after all always Christmas at Santa's house.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I love the bells, Ruth. I have been hunting for 3mm bells for my current project with no luck. Nothing beats that little tinkle!

These aren't what I would have expected, either, but that white will really stand out against the reds and greens of Christmas over at Santa's!

ChitownStitcher said...

So what do you do when you get something back from the finisher and it isn't quite what you expected? If you give the finisher carte blanche, I don't imagine there is much to do. But if your finishing wants aren't done-then what?

Ruth Schmuff said...

A lot depends upon your relationship with the finisher. How well do they know you. I realize if I send something off with no direction that if it comes back not as I would like that I need to share ownership in that issue.

Kelly Clark said...

Ruth, They are gorgeous! Very Crisp, Fresh, Now and Chic! Take it from someone who usually goes way overboard on her finishing. These
have a very clean line, just lovely!

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