Sunday, June 05, 2011

I can't believe the fun is over

This canvas has been so much fun to stitch.  As Judith said in class today it was liberating.  Not too many rules, fresh bold colors and lots of big stitches.  That's exactly what I felt this canvas called for - freshness and a little funkiness.

One of my surprises for today's class was a bag of super special buttons that Karen Hennessey the designer of the Zecca canvases created for us.  We put our heads together throughout the project and thought what would be really special and make this canvas even more Zecca-ish.  Well, buttons of course!

We added a few flowers and some leaves and the very, very special dragonfly body complete with swarovski crystals.

We covered rings with Silk Lamé Braid and then embellished them with French Knots to create the little round flowers in the background.

The other flowers used more of the same techniques developed in the first flowers -- lovely ribbons and embroidery stitches!

Last but not least was the bird's nest.  I wanted to stitch with something that would be in the same scale as the rest of the flowers, so we needed a big ribbon for the nest.  Check out what we used.  It's a wonderful, magical ribbon with just a hint of glitter.

I've had a wonderful time with you Mama Bird, may you enjoy your nest.  When next we see you, you will have a beautiful special frame surrounding you in your garden.


JennyPennyPoppy said...

This looks wonderful! So bright & cheery with lots of neat stitches.

Ellie said...

Still in awe. This is amazing and will never be able to stop congratulating you on this. SO many wonderful ideas and creativity

Denise & Linda said...

Totally amazing! I love all the wonderful flowers, buttons and the nest. You are one of the most creative stitchers I know. Cannot wait to see it framed.

needlepoint nut said...

OMG!!! You totally out did yourself on this piece. It is just gorgeous. So colorful and I love the ribbon flowers with all the Zecca buttons. Very Cool!!!

Ruth Schmuff said...

Woo Hoo! I made you all proud. So glad. thanks everyone.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

It's wonderful and silly and fun and all Ruth. Nice job as always.

Jane, waving from CH where we love the nest ribbon and dragonfly body

Ruth Schmuff said...

When you look back at the original canvas and where it is now, it is definitely me. It's kind of fun to see that.

Ellie said...

As I mentioned on stitcherie you're now "Ruth Lighyear" - when it comes to creativity you go to infinity and beyond :)

Rebecca said...

So far behind I almost hate to ask this question but when working on the bird;s blue feathers, once I've taken a couple of stitches it is very hard to find where I need to take my next stitch. Any suggestions?

Rebecca plugging along in IA

Ruth Schmuff said...

Fuzzy Stuff can be hard to see. I found that if I worked with 2 needles, doing the metallic accent stitches as I completed a leaf that that helped. It gave me a place to count from.

The other option is to skip the leaf stitches totally and just do random Diagonal Long Stitches, once brushed it looks almost the same. You will be done in minutes without any stress.

Rebecca said...

I have been working hard on the bird and was looking ahead and see that I have no page 7. Is there a page 7? If there is, could you send me one or attach it to an email.

Rebecca Lake

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