Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Renewed, Recharged, Refocused....


Yes, yikes.  Brenda Hart was here last weekend and the energy in the shop was truly a tangible thing.  We all selected our projects we wanted her to guide but somewhere early on we started to drift.

One new project became two.

Two new projects became three.  Yikes!  There was just so much creativity we couldn't help ourselves.

Which probably explains why my little camera stayed in its case all weekend.

I will tell you that some of the canvases we played with included....

Sue and I worked out all the stitches with Brenda for Zecca's Parchesi Board

Kathy is going to have a great time with this Charley Harper Crazy Cat. 
(OK, so will several more of us, we couldn't resist.)

Brenda picked the most amazing stitches for Leigh's Hall of Sacred Bells for Pat.  It is stunning!

Kathy brought this full size stocking of a DC Christmas stocking by DJ Designs. 
Brenda's choice of stitches is perfect.

In keeping with the holiday theme, Carol is doing a gorgeous job on the Rebecca Wood Good Night panel thanks to her talent with the needle and Brenda's great stitch choices!

Sue started the Mouse on the bookshelf by Tapestry Tent. 
It's small and so cute, I am sure she will have it done in no time.

Kathy is beading and crystaling large areas of the Winter Tree by Jane Sassaman.  Do you think she would notice if it lived at Bedecked and Beadazzled rather than in California?  It's stunning.

Lucy worked on a great Strictly Christmas stocking all covered in the cutest beachy santas.  Lucy, if you have a picture, send it my way, we'll add it here.

I'll post more pictures as we finish things but in the meantime think about joining us for one of Brenda Hart's classes.  They really are tooo ooo much fun.  I will post her 2012 schedule on the Bedecked and Beadazzled website in the next few weeks.

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karen said...

Those look like some really fun canvases to work on!

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