Sunday, July 17, 2011

Needlepoint can fool your eye

Today was the first class of a new Mystery at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  We are stitching the lovely very traditional Colors of Praise Tree.  Marie Barber the designer behind the Colors of Praise line is a delight.  She has years of designing for Cross Stitch in her history and has now branched into needlepoint.  Her designs are typically traditional but she updates them with brighter colors and fun borders.  This isn't your grandmother's needlepoint anymore!

Marie just bubbles over with enthusiasm for what she does.  Here we are at the TNNA market last month.

Our tree is classical trompe l'oeil composition.  Trompe l'oeil means to fool the eye.  We are going to fool the eye with our needlepoint.  Technically we are always fooling the eye, as needlepoint generally starts as a flat 2D picture and then we add dimension.

This time we are going to try to add not only dimension but perspective and maybe even make things look like they move in and out from their surroundings. 

As is typical with the first lesson of most of my mysteries we are going to lay the ground work with the basics first.  We started with the planter and the arches which are primarily basketweave with a little magic worked in.

Look carefully at the arches.  At the bottom of the canvas, they are way in the back at the far edge of the flooring.  As we move up the canvas to the top, they suddenly come forward in front of everything else.  All this thanks to a few carefully placed French Knots!

The beautiful beaded fruit sets the stage for the leaves which will follow.

We had a great group of ladies in class today, new faces and old.  As the saying goes there is one in every crowd.  In today's case there were two.  Two creative souls who have already decided to start changing things up. They both decided that the orange at the top of the canvas was just tooooooo orange.  Jeanne started by coloring over the orange on her canvas with a purple Sharpie. 

And then stitching over it with a pink/purple Floss Overdye (#1152).  Look at how cool it looks!!!  We'll have to wait and see if she changes the beads on her fruit.  Time will tell on that detail.

Sheri also felt the orange was just too bright.  (OK, those are words you rarely hear from me.) For her canvas she colored the orange with brown marker.  You don't have to completely color the area, you just need to lightly layer your marker over top.

The brown underneath is just enough that it softens the area so that the original orange floss can still be used.  Everyone is now happy with their colors.  Remember, if you choose to change any colors on a canvas, start slow.  A light layer of marker may be just enough.  There's no turning back. Make sure your markers are permanent and as an extra measure of caution make sure your piece will not need tog get wet in the finishing process.

Until next time.....  I have fun things planned, and I promise, no Tent Stitches.


Sheena said...

Love the stitches so far, and the orange, since of course orange is my favorite color! But the purple is really nice too, can't wait to see the beads on the fruit for that, hmmm....., wonder what the borders are going to look like!!

Ruth Schmuff said...

Funny thing is I too wonder what the borders are going to look like :-) Haven't quite decided yet.

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