Sunday, August 07, 2011

Now it's a book

First it was a cd with 481 repeat patterns for needlepoint. 

Now it's a book!  Everything has it's day....

Have you ever had an area of a canvas where you want a little extra detail but a textured stitch is too much.  What about a stripe? That could work.  What about a pattern of dots.  That has possibilities. 

Backgrounds CD Volume One was conceived as a source of inspiration.  Inspiration for looking at patterns and repeats that can be used in a needlepoint project.  Look at the area you wish to fill.  A large area can handle a larger repeat.  A small area needs a smaller repeat.

Here's a tiny project -- a Wooly Dreams Design canvas that had a plain white background.  Two shades of Silk Serica and a 6 x 6 repeat of stitches and suddenly the background is a little richer and more interesting.

Here's the stitch I used. 

Two different tones as I used on the cat's background will give you a subtle design.  Two different colors will give you a bold pattern. 

Another fun idea is to work with two different finishes in the same color.  One matte, one shiny - instant brocade!

Some of the patterns in the book have alternatives for those who don't love Tent Stitch or who want to add a little more texture.  Part of the pattern is worked in Long Stitches.

Now, several years and many requests later the CD is available as a real book.  481 repeat patterns each on their own page.  All patterns are sorted by size of repeat.  The book will be back from the printer on Friday so if you want a copy, let us know. CDs are still available if you prefer the Green version.


Carol in Indian Springs Village said...

Ruth, will this also be available as an app? Can't wait to see the pictures of your new book!

Tapestry Fair Needlepoint News said...

Hi Ruth - This is a great idea. The little partridge/quail I designed for the wreath center took on a life of its own and I have requests for him as a solo canvas, so I will recommend your book/CD in the stitch guide for alternative backgrounds. Will there also be an app?

Ruth Schmuff said...

Hi All

I don't plan on this one being an app. It would be too hard to see a large repeat pattern on a small screen.

Rest assured, I am working on Stitches Volume 3 which will definitely be an iphone app!

Missy Gray said...

This CD/Book is a definite 'must have' for the stitching library. Still waiting for those Droid apps ... hint, hint!

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