Friday, September 30, 2011

Snap Tray Heaven

Oh my!  I just love these trays!  I know I posted about the Halloween versions just a few short weeks ago but they are just about the greatest things since sliced bread.

They fold flat for travel and storage and with a few clicks of a snap the sides flip up making the perfect stitching tray to use in class or next to you at home.  Try one for each project.  One for each room.  Too cool.

Some of the trays have scissors embroidered on them in fun colors.

some have our logo with either a green outside or a fun print.

You can be compulsive like me and have a pretty embroidered frame weight too.

Just look how organized you will look in class.  These were the class kits from today's class with Brenda Hart.  More about that later!

Fast forward several hours.....

We had a great class with Brenda Hart today. She taught her rendition Leigh's Red Drama Mask.  It is magnificent!

And we all know that Brenda is an inspired teacher.

Some of the gold on the mask is beaded with very cool triangular beads.

Debbie and Connie were first time visitors to the shop and had a great time.  We're so glad they came.

When the mask is complete it is one compelling work of needleart.

Tomorrow and Sunday are embellishment days  We all work different canvases so stay tuned, pictures to follow.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The skulls glow!!!! And they sparkle!!!

Today was the first day of our newest mystery class at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  This one is special to me as it is not only a canvas I am designing the stitches for, but one I designed the art for.  The Halloween tree is part of my tree series that includes the Village tree and the Bunny Tree.  There's an Ornament Tree in progress, but I digress.

The Halloween tree is covered in black bats, glittery skulls, a pumpkin and all kinds of fun things.  I am just so amused with myself. I wanted the skulls to not only glow in the dark, but to glitter with beads and crystals.  The plan came together!  It works;  the skulls sparkle and GLOW!

I tested several combinations of threads and beads before selecting the one with the best glow.

Aren't they just too cool?  Now, the trade off to all this coolness is that the bats are simply Basketweave.  I know, what?  More Tent Stitch?  There's no one who likes Tent Stitch less than I do so if I think it is the answer, you know that I must really think it is the only answer.

It's three weeks until the next installment so hold on to your hats to see what's next.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet my new BFF

Please allow me to introduce the first of our ladies!  You've waited very patiently for her unveiling and here she is!

This is the first girl to be stitched in our Row of Ladies - Mystery with a Twist Class.  Yes, this means we start shipping the ladies today!  Hopefully we will be on track now with shipments every 4-6 weeks.

These girls are all about the details.  Beads and crystals and shimmery silks.  They are fashionistas to the max.  I had a great time designing the clothes for this little lady.  Her brocade dress and beaded shawl — check out the hat!  Not sure where she is going but it looks like a fun place to visit.

The best thing about these girls is that they are small enough to finish quickly.  What a sense of accomplishment.  It's sort of like eating potato chips.  You can't have just one.

Each of our ladies will have different fashions, hairstyles and techniques.  I can't wait to start the next one, but for now I must get ready for our Halloween Mystery that starts this Sunday!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The tree is in full bloom!

It's amazing what a little greenery will do for a room or a canvas for that matter.  It brings everything to life.

Today we finished our tree by Colors of Praise and I am really pleased with the leaves on the tree.  We used a combination of traditional needlepoint and ribbon embroidery. 

The ribbon leaves are quick to do and add just the right dimension to the tree.  Did I mention they are quick?  I do love quick when it looks like a million bucks.

 The borders are also complete, beautiful colors and simple stitches to frame the tree.

It's off to the framer next.  I have an idea of what I want to do.  We'll see how it works when I see it live.  Think Mackensie Childs and you'll have an idea where I am headed.  If you too plan on framing your Tree, stitch several extra rows of black around the perimeter of the design so there is a little something to hide under the lip of the frame.

Next week we start the Halloween Tree class.  It's right on the heels of this one but I can promise it will be very different. 

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Some of my favorite things

Some of my favorite things are my Walker Bags.  I love Walker Bags.  We have all sorts of Walker Bags in the shop. They are perfect for keeping all the parts of a project in one zip top spot.  They breathe so no worries there.  And they are pretty and colorful.  You know I love colorful.

We even have cool double and triple zip Walker Bags.  Put one project in each pocket and zip it up.  Or threads in one, project in the other.  The organizational options are endless!

You can see some of the collection here. The larger triple zip bags also come with handles.  And we now have 24 x 24 double zip bags, big enough to carry 18 x 18 stretcher bars to and from class.

Since I have this love affair with Walker Bags I got to thinking how cute would it be to have our Walker Bags embroidered for specific projects.  Oh my, an idea was born!

Check these out. Just in time for Halloween stitching we have Halloween project bags.  OMG do I love them!  We have Witchy, Boo! and ....eeek! thanks to the magical embroidering elves who did these double quick for us.  We have 11 x 14 and 9 x 12 bags.  They are all cute so, pick a size, pick a color (orange, lime or black), pick a saying or just tell us to surprise you.  That's half the fun.

Now if this weren't cute enough.  Those same embroidering elves surprised me today with matching Halloween Snap Trays.  So chic.  So elegant.  These are just the prototypes, so if you want your very own let us know what to order for you as it will be about 3 weeks before they are in stock.

Don't you just love the set?

Okay, I really want to go stitch Halloween NOOOOWWWW.  Oh, that's right I can.  We have the first lesson of our Halloween mystery starting on the 18th of this month.  How perfect is that timing?

P.S.  Now with as cute as these Halloween bags are you know we will be doing Christmas too!
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