Friday, September 30, 2011

Snap Tray Heaven

Oh my!  I just love these trays!  I know I posted about the Halloween versions just a few short weeks ago but they are just about the greatest things since sliced bread.

They fold flat for travel and storage and with a few clicks of a snap the sides flip up making the perfect stitching tray to use in class or next to you at home.  Try one for each project.  One for each room.  Too cool.

Some of the trays have scissors embroidered on them in fun colors.

some have our logo with either a green outside or a fun print.

You can be compulsive like me and have a pretty embroidered frame weight too.

Just look how organized you will look in class.  These were the class kits from today's class with Brenda Hart.  More about that later!

Fast forward several hours.....

We had a great class with Brenda Hart today. She taught her rendition Leigh's Red Drama Mask.  It is magnificent!

And we all know that Brenda is an inspired teacher.

Some of the gold on the mask is beaded with very cool triangular beads.

Debbie and Connie were first time visitors to the shop and had a great time.  We're so glad they came.

When the mask is complete it is one compelling work of needleart.

Tomorrow and Sunday are embellishment days  We all work different canvases so stay tuned, pictures to follow.


Sheena said...

Wish I could have been with everyone, it looks fantastic!!

Ruth Schmuff said...

Hey Sheena - We missed you too!

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