Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Birches are the Best!

How cool is this class? We have been privileged to have Lynn Payette at the shop the last two days teaching her fabulous design The Birches.

This is a very cool piece filled with all sorts of techniques that are totally transferable to Needlepoint.

Yes, there is some ironing involved, but it is worth every second of it.  It only takes a second or two.  How bad is that?

Once the fabrics were prepared, we discussed color theory.  Clearer colors come forward.  Duller colors recede. OK, there was more to it than that, but I can't give away all of Lynne's brilliance in one post.

Once we knew the basics, we were off and running.  Laying out our colors and fabrics in a manner that was pleasing to each of us.  Of course remembering the rules we were just taught.

Now we have a beautiful background painted with washes of fabric color and its only lunchtime.

Next up, the trees; birches of every color, size and dimension are quickly created and placed on the canvas.  Again, we chose the position on the composition, remembering those basic rules of design that things with detail come forward and those with less detail recede.

The trees are sewn to the canvas with invisible thread.

Check this out, we added a few simple stitches, and shadows magically appeared.  Look at the depth those few stitches created.

Pretty cool for a day's work.

So, here we are on day 2 of the Birches

There was more color theory in reference to which colors of threads to use for the moss and where to place it. 

You've got to keep those duller colors in the background and the brighter, yellower colors in the foreground. 

This is my moss.  Talk about instant gratification.  This is my type of project!

Next up are the leaves.  Now I will admit, I only placed about 6 leaves so I really don't have much to show.  This is what it will look like.....eventually.

 Gorgeous piece, Lynn.  Thanks for coming and teaching us.  One day, mine will look like yours!


Sheena said...

Very Cool!!! I LOVE the effects.

Cheryl said...

I took this class in Aug. at Stan Hywett Needlework Guild in Akron, OH. I learned things that I never thought I could use on needlepoint canvas. What a great teacher Lynn is, & what a great class this was.

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