Monday, October 24, 2011

The Little Quail

Two more days of class with Lynn Payette.  She is amazing, inspiring, patient and so much more.

Saturday and Sunday we worked on the little quail.  Of course with a class from Lynn you start by cutting and and ironing stabilizer to whatever lovely fabric is in your kit.

Leaves on congress cloth and leaves on sheer fabric ready for embroidery.

Then we had a length discussion of the venal system of a plant.  Lynn teaches all kinds of art classes to kids and adults.  There's lots of drawing and studying shadows and light and color play in her classes. She was and still is a landscape painter.

Once our venal systems were stitched in place we made these nifty edges for all the leaves.  We made our own Memory Thread.  Very cool.  A little messy but so worth the effort. The color is now perfect for our leaves.  It's really quite easy.  A gluestick is your friend.

Day two was all about the quail. The quail is embroidered on a piece of muslin.   Begin by working a Split Stitch frame around the area you are going to Satin Stitch or fill with Split Stitch. Trust me, this little extra step is worth the price of admission to the class. It does a great job keeping your filling stitches looking good.

We covered the quail in Long and Short using one ply of silk.  It really isn't so bad.  It goes quicker than you think.

Here's my quail.  Lynn thinks it is a girl.  She thinks the look in her eye makes her look flirtatious.

So, at the end of day two, here's my progress.  Not finished but a heck of a lot done and an arsenal of new techniques that I am excited to explore.

We asked Lynn to sign the autograph board.  Her signature is by far the most clever in positioning.  She filled in the dots of the bee trail.

Thanks for coming Lynn.  We had a fabulous time and can't wait for you to come back! 

While Lynn was flying home, I finished my Birches from the day before.  Off to the framer they go.

To all the ladies who attended class.  Thanks for coming.  It was a great weekend with you all!

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