Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pssst...... I'll tell you a secret

There really is a land filled with fairies and pixies.  It's not just in my head.  It's real.  See, here's a picture. This darling little pixie lives to clean dishes.

Or maybe she lives to make piles of dishes in your sink.  Hmmm, suddenly I'm not sure.

Our little darling is back from the framer and looking oh so hip in her funky frame and mat.

This is a brand new painted canvas from our pixie series complete with stitch guide by Vicky De Angelis.  Wait till you see the rest of the girls!

We had a great time selecting just the right threads and stitches for this canvas.  Her little frou frou skirt is ruched petite frosty rays.  Vicky was concerned it made her butt look big but I think its flirty.

Check out the green border.  Super simple but a great effect. It's nothing more than a Diagonal Long Stitch worked in a pattern with 2 different threads. 

And then there's the bubbles.  you know there had to be beads somewhere :-)

Until next time......

1 comment:

Kelly Clark said...

Hi Ruthie!
I remember seeing this adorable pixie during stitching on Vicki's Blog...
she was darling then! However, your
framing is absolutely, perfect for the piece! Just love the purple liner and the star matt! Another perfect Ruth piece! :~)

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