Friday, November 18, 2011

Hoot! Hoot!

Allow me to introduce our latest and funnest and happiest club to date.  Hoot!  Hoot! Owls by EyeCandy Needleart.

Six small owls, one for each season.  They are a mere 3.5" x 5.5" handpainted on 18ct.  Each Hooty Owl comes with the perfect stitchguide also written by EyeCandy Needleart.

 Spring Fever Owl

 Patriot Owl

 Spooky Owl

  Harvest Owl

  Holiday Owl

Winter Owl

If you are interested in stitching these owls you can sign up for the club through many needlework shops across the country and receive one canvas and guide per month.  

Call your favorite shop and ask them about the Hoot!  Hoot!  Owl club from Ruth Schmuff Designs.  Club starts April 2012.  

I know I'm going to have to stitch a set of these for myself.  They are just tooo darn cute!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Wow. These are much more adorable than I ever would have imagined! Ada did a magnificent job with a ton of interesting stitches and of course the finishing is the icing on the cake. Nice job, Ruth. You continue to come up with fun and colorful clubs each year. Never thought you could keep that up but you have. Kudos to everyone involved.

Now if you could just come over and substitute these cute owls for the @%^@#%^! Great Horned Owls who think it is funny to sit outside my bedroom window and talk all night long!

karen said...

The Princess approves! Count us in.

karen said...

The Princess will be so disappointed when her owls aren't getting top billing anymore. But I can't wait to see the trees!

Sheena said...

Darn, will have to add to my owl collection....hooooot :)

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