Monday, November 07, 2011

What's a few more UFOs between friends?

This weekend was our second visit from the ever talented Julia Snyder.  The energy in the shop is electric when teachers come to town.  We have a grand time, stitching and creating.  And some of us who have no will power (read me) start way too many new projects.  Three, count them three this weekend.

Saturday was our Holiday Cocktail party class.  Any Holiday was fair game but most of us stayed in the mood of the season and stitched the Boo-tini.

Check out the bat!  It's a whipped spider with Arctic Rays.  I really don't want to meet this hairy guy in person.

Julia has stitched Shoe-tini.  That's her favorite of the series.

Mary decided to be a rebel and start stitching for Christmas with Holiday-tini as her choice.  Well, you know what happened then.  I had to frame up not only Boo-tini but Holiday-tini to keep with the program.

Julia is very open to input, so as the day progressed and we started to see parts of the canvases come to life, a few changes were made.  That's proof of the magic in the room.  We were all creating.

On Sunday everyone started planning their canvas of choice.  Julia selected threads and stitches for everyone.  The ideas are great.

Wendy's backgammon board from Zecca will have wonderfully textured stitches and a beaded center band.

Raymond Crawford's Christmas Mustang is relatively straightforward but the packages and bows will carry all the drama.

OMG!  Check out the Sprat's Head Hat on this Brenda Stofft witch.  Palma is going to have a masterpiece on her hands in no time with this one.

Rebeca Wood's July Cake will definitely look too good to eat when Katie finishes stitching it.  The layers of icing will be dimensional thanks to woven stitches.

Love the textures on the mermaid's tail.  Simple stitch with great impact.

I love the curls in Eve's hair!  Crescent Stitches worked with 1/16" Ribbon in 002J are bringing this Melissa Shirley canvas to life.  Love that!  Now the question is to bead the snake or bead the apples.  We'll have to wait and see which one Jane decides on.

We're planning Julia's visits for next year.  Shall we just do embellishment or do we want a project.  Either way we have a fabulous time.  I can tell you she will be here to help celebrate our 5th Anniversary so mark your calendars for excitement next Spring!


Robin said...

Sounds like everyone had an awesome time. Love the cocktail series. Thanks for sharing.

Ruth Schmuff said...

Hey Robin. We did have an awesome time. Very relaxed. Very fun. Wish you were here.

Piedmont Pediatrics at Oak Hill said...

That looks like fun. Did Julia do a stitch guide for her Shoe-tini? It is hard to tell how she did some of it. What stitch did she use for the words? Margaret

Ruth Schmuff said...

Hi - we do have stitchguides available for Shoe-tini, Boo-tini, Holiday-tini. Shopper-tini is in progress.

The letters on Shoe-tini are simply diagonal long stitches of Kreinik 1/16" Ribbon 015L.

karen said...

Just thought I'd mention that the Crescent stitch in Eve's hair is so much more amazing in person. I think "breathtaking" would be accurate.

beth said...

I want to come visit B & B!

Ruth Schmuff said...

We'd love for you to come visit!

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