Sunday, December 04, 2011

Bring on the Bling!

Generally, you know my theory.  If a little sparkle is good.  More sparkle is better.  Check out my closet.  Lot's of sparkly clothes and shoes. 

This theory also applies to color.  If a little color is good;  more color is better.  So, you can only imagine the fun I am having with the EyeCandy Needleart Candyland Christmas Tree Farm that is our current Mystery Class at Bedecked and Beadazzled.

Today was class number two.  We worked on two trees and the moon.  We also added more sparkle to the sky.  You could have guessed I wouldn't leave it simple as it was.  The entire background is now covered in sequins.  I like bling.  If this is a little much for you, you could just randomly sprinkle sequins throughout the sky. 

The polka dot tree is lots of fun.  You never have time to get bored.  The stitches and threads are always changing.  I love the big fuchsia sequin dots and the jessica wreaths add great dimension.

The plaid tree is instant gratification.  Strategically placed long stitches in great colors, bring this tree to life in no time at all.

I really do love my beads and my bling.    Several people have asked how I bead so quickly.  Here's what works for me.  I have a small beading tray that I sit directly on my stitching filled with beads or sequins.  With it this close by I don't have to reach far to get my beads.  I still work with a stand, so my needlepoint is at an angle.  I use a pretty magnet to act as a doorstop at the bottom of the tray so it can't slide far.  

The trick for all of this with me is keeping everything close at hand.  I work with my chart attached to my needlepoint when I need it and with my bead tray attached too.  The less I have to move my frame of reference the better and quicker I stitch.  Hope this makes sense and helps.

It looks like we will wrap up this mystery in four lessons rather than five.  I'm having so much fun;  I'm stitching so quickly.  The next lesson is just before Christmas, December 18th!   See you then.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Ada's CandyLand has the best trees ever! It looks great.

laura z. said...

Oh Ruth, I am loving what you are doing with this wonderful canvas! These colors and stitches are just too fabulous and are calling to me!! Is it too late to sign up?? I must. have. now.

Deb said...

Wonders never cease!

Ruth Schmuff said...

Hi - It's never too late to sign up. Call us at the shop and we'll get you signed up. 410.296.0405

tintocktap said...

Gorgeous - love the look of this, all the colour and sparkle - would love to stitch it myself!

Peacock Alley Needlepoint said...

I just signed up..couldn't stand it any longer!

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