Friday, December 09, 2011

Twenty-something? Married with small kids?

Does this description sound like you or someone on your holiday shopping list?  If so, why not consider a needlepoint project? 

We have great new kits in stock that are less than $30 and contain all the supplies to make a set of 4 oh-so-hip coasters.  Designed by Jenny Henry, a local young mother and needlepoint designer, to appeal to her friends.

Each kit contains 5 plastic canvas squares (Yes, it's plastic canvas but we all started somewhere), Cork backs, Three big balls of yarn (enough to make oodles of coasters) and complete instructions for one design. 

The patterns are timeless but the colors are now.  One pattern/colorway per kit.  These are just the thing to get a new stitcher hooked on the art we love.

We have lots of other holiday  gifts if you are looking for a little something for a stitcher friend.

Sparkly magnets
Fun scissor fobs
Needle Vials
Snap Trays
Projects Bags

Happy Holiday shopping!


Diane said...

Great minds think alike

Trying to help all the needlepoint shops I can!

Kara Norris said...

I love these coasters! How can I buy the kit?

Ruth Schmuff said...

We love the coasters too. Call us at 410.296.0405 and we'll take it from there.

Robin said...

Your ideas are young, fresh and hip.

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