Sunday, January 09, 2011

There's snow in the forecast!

Hi there.  Our current mystery class at Bedecked and Beadazzled is a Michael Stoebner snowman canvas.  I really like Michael's sense of whimsy.  There's an excessive number of his canvases on my "to do" list. Maybe one day I will work through them all.  I'm living to be 6000 right?

There are several things about this canvas that can overwhelm many stitchers.  One is the number of small areas, the second is the black outlines.

I interpreted this canvas from an illustration.  Michael's style is somewhat watercolory, but with strong outlines.  When painting on canvas, we have a grid to deal with.  All of the canvases I produce are stitchpainted, this means that each canvas intersection must be specifically one color or another;  no guesswork for the stitcher :-)

With this grid in mind, sometimes areas become a little bigger or smaller than they were in the original.  Particularly fine details and black outlines.

So, as we are designing the stitches, our job is to deal with the outlines, making some smaller, some as painted and some nonexistent.

I began by stitching the background in an all over light pattern stitch using Kreinik Very Fine (#4) Braid.  I covered both the peach and the white painted areas using the same thread and stitch.

Next was the snowman himself.  I wanted him to sparkle like glistening snow.  He is worked in a 3-part stitch.  The first 2 parts are again Kreinik Very Fine (#4) Braid allowing all of the wonderful colors underneath to show through.  I covered all the painted colors except the black outlines.  The third step is beads!  Come on, you knew there would be beads :-)

His nose is simple;  Diagonal Long Stitch worked using Petite Frosty Rays.  Here I covered one of the black outlines - the top one.  This allows the bottom outline to redefine the shadow his big nose is casting.  

Finally, I gave him a big wooden arm!  A chenille stem is cut and twisted into the right size and shape and then Satin Stitched over with Gloriana Lorikeet.  I love Lorikeet for things that need to look worn or rough or outdoorsy.

Kits went out tonight to everyone stitching this piece.  I'm off to work on what's next for our snowman.  I think he needs his clothes designed next!

Wishing you happy snowdays.
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