Sunday, May 01, 2011

Let the games begin

We've done the tedious parts of the canvas (the sky, the dirt); now we have flowers and leaves and the dragonfly to play with!  You probably know my attention span by now, so I'm excited by the flowers.  Fun little gems we can bring to life.

There's lots of color and detail left.  Let's start with the 4 big leaves at the bottom of the canvas.  Hopefully everyone has their dirt done.

The leaves are bold and graphic, almost as big as the bird!

I kept the stitch choices simple playing mostly with contrast in threads.  I like the juxtaposition of silk ribbon with Lorikeet or Lorikeet with a subtle metallic.  The stitches are simple long stitches or ones that we've used before.  While it might be fun for every leaf and flower to be  different stitch that won't necessarily give us the best finished look.

The first flower to be embellished is created with lots of layers of fluffy ribbon loops and French Knots.

These are really cool and fun to do.  Bring your needle up roughly 1/2" from the edge of your flower.  Fold the ribbon into a loop and then sink the needle again about 3/4" from the edge of the flower.  Keep your finger on top of the loop and bring the needle up through both layers of ribbon.  (now you can move your finger.) Make a French Knot;  this secures the loop! 

There's 2 tricks to this. One is mentioned above.  Keep your finger on top of the loop.  The other trick is the position of the French Knot.  The closer you position your French Knot to the fold in the loop the flatter your petal will be.  The closer to the point where the ribbon goes in and out of the canvas, the taller the loops will sit away from the canvas.  For this flower we want flat loops.

Start with one layer of red ribbon loops in the main red color.

Add the orange stripes.

And then another layer of loops.  And another layer all red this time.

And finally a wonderful Zecca button in the center of the flower.

This flower is Fun and flirty, setting the stage for things to come!

Until next time.
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