Monday, August 15, 2011

What says Halloween more than Robin King?

This has been a whirlwind weekend.  We had a cash and carry tradeshow in town which brought a bunch of our favorite people with it.

Robin King was at the shop yesterday teaching Bones!  He is the 10th Creepy Character designed exclusively for us.  How cool is that?

Even if you couldn't attend class, you can still stitch this little guy as we are happy to kit him up and send him off to you.  He's super quick to stitch!  He can be your only Creepy Character, or you can realize what we did. You can't stop with just one; you need the entire Creepy Character Series!

Don't they look great on the tree? I'm actually thinking about finishing mine as standups.  They are big enough to be cute that way too.

Robin is a very sweet and patient teacher.  She prepares her lesson plans and has the timing down just perfectly.  We spent 3 wonderful hours with her.  She showed how to straighten Neon Rays with a flat iron and how to plunge the Kreinik Hot Wire Metallics through canvas without a hitch.

She even took time to demonstrate Twisted Lazy Daisy Stitches that make Frankenstein's hair sooooo cool.

And of course at the end of class we had Robin sign our autograph board.  This is such a fun moment in the day where we can remember old and new friends and fun canvases we have stitched.  (ummm, started.)

Bye Robin, we miss you already.  We're looking forward to the next class!  Thank you for coming to Balitmore and thank you everyone who braved the rain and joined us in class. 

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