Sunday, August 21, 2011

Check out those floor tiles!

Between loud crashing thunderstorms today was the third mystery class for our tree.

It took a little experimenting but I am finally happy with the floor tiles under the tree.  I needed to invent a stitch that followed the same angle as the painted tiles and allowed us to change colors as needed.

I did consider changing thread as we moved from the tiles in the front of the design to those in the back, but I thought that might have been just a tad excessive and cause some of you to roll your eyes at me.  We used Kreinik Very Fine (#4) Braid through out, but we could have used Fine Braid for the first row of tiles, Very Fine Braid for the center two rows of tiles and then Blending Filament for the final row.  This would have added to the illusion of the tiles moving back through space.

The other thing I really like about the floor tiles as I chose to stitch them is that they now look like blocks of a quilt.  Since the stitches were not compensated and flow from one color tile to the next those stitches look like sewn stitches on a quilt.

The bottom border was great fun and adds a graphic element to the design.  This went quickly even if we did have to use a little Tent Stitch between the medallions.

The borders have been started so all that remains for our final lesson are two small borders and the leaves.  We know that's where the drama will kick in.

Until next time....  Maybe I will surprise you with a post about the ladies, our Mystery with a Twist Class.
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