Sunday, September 11, 2011

The tree is in full bloom!

It's amazing what a little greenery will do for a room or a canvas for that matter.  It brings everything to life.

Today we finished our tree by Colors of Praise and I am really pleased with the leaves on the tree.  We used a combination of traditional needlepoint and ribbon embroidery. 

The ribbon leaves are quick to do and add just the right dimension to the tree.  Did I mention they are quick?  I do love quick when it looks like a million bucks.

 The borders are also complete, beautiful colors and simple stitches to frame the tree.

It's off to the framer next.  I have an idea of what I want to do.  We'll see how it works when I see it live.  Think Mackensie Childs and you'll have an idea where I am headed.  If you too plan on framing your Tree, stitch several extra rows of black around the perimeter of the design so there is a little something to hide under the lip of the frame.

Next week we start the Halloween Tree class.  It's right on the heels of this one but I can promise it will be very different. 
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