Sunday, September 18, 2011

The skulls glow!!!! And they sparkle!!!

Today was the first day of our newest mystery class at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  This one is special to me as it is not only a canvas I am designing the stitches for, but one I designed the art for.  The Halloween tree is part of my tree series that includes the Village tree and the Bunny Tree.  There's an Ornament Tree in progress, but I digress.

The Halloween tree is covered in black bats, glittery skulls, a pumpkin and all kinds of fun things.  I am just so amused with myself. I wanted the skulls to not only glow in the dark, but to glitter with beads and crystals.  The plan came together!  It works;  the skulls sparkle and GLOW!

I tested several combinations of threads and beads before selecting the one with the best glow.

Aren't they just too cool?  Now, the trade off to all this coolness is that the bats are simply Basketweave.  I know, what?  More Tent Stitch?  There's no one who likes Tent Stitch less than I do so if I think it is the answer, you know that I must really think it is the only answer.

It's three weeks until the next installment so hold on to your hats to see what's next.

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