Sunday, October 09, 2011

The trouble with Tribbles

Actually there are no troubles with tribbles.  They are super easy to stitch and super cute.  Gotta love these little guys.  I realize that the Tribbles in Star Trek were furry but they were round and cute and so are these. The tribbles were part of today's class on the Halloween tree. 

Here's the tribbles with a little glow.

We also brought the big ole pumpkin in the center of the tree to life!  His eyes and silly grin glow in the dark just like the skulls.  We couldn't have a big black hole in the middle of the tree when the lights go out, now could we?

The tree itself is a very colorful blend of blue and purple sparkly threads in the Diamond Ray Stitch.

It's coming together and looking more Halloween-y with each passing day.  We'll have it finished. well stitched, just in time for Halloween.

Thanks for checking in.  There's more fun to have with this tree!
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