Friday, October 14, 2011

Needlepoint for the next generation

Wow you meet some pretty cool people in the shop. A mother/daughter duo came on one day...... They are a great pair- lots Of fun!  And they both stitch.  There's also a son/brother who stitches too. 

Over time we have gotten to know them and then one day in they come with the most entertaining canvas and I find out that Katey designed it, and she is stitching it!  Too cool.

Katey is in college so there won't be a ton of designs from her...yet.  She is definitely one to watch.  If she gets the bug and keeps at it I see a fun future of designs with her.

Since she is the next generation of needlepoint stitcher  she is the perfect one to be designing for the next generation. 

If you are looking for something to entice a younger stitcher or need a gift for one check out Katey's designs.  Her current series all fit the Stirling wallets and checkbook covers so easy peasy finishing.

Here's just a few of her designs.

 Check them out and see what you think.  I'm for one excited to see what's next.

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