Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Even More Pattern?

Could it be?  I've added even more pattern and detail to our Mystery Class Tree?  If you've been with me from the beginning you have learned never to expect the expected.

When I first saw this canvas it reminded me of the Mackenzie-Childs design duo.  All of their pottery and glass and furniture is layers of pattern on top of pattern on top of pattern.  You know I love that.  Add to it black and white  classic checks and stripes and I love it even more.

I borrowed this image off the Mackenzie-Childs website to give you a little feel of the style and because it's cute and has puppies. You know I love puppies. 

Now that the Tree is back from the framer I can reveal the idea that has been in my head since day one.  Yet another border.  This time black and white stripes!

Hope you like it.  It adds another level of whimsy to the piece and takes it that step away from traditional that you know I need :-)
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