Sunday, January 08, 2012

Kickin it with Brenda Hart

We had a great weekend with Brenda Hart!  New friends were made.  Old friends got together again.  What fun.

Brenda's classes are typically embellishment classes.  You pick the canvas and she picks the threads and stitches.  No two classes are alike.  The fun is the combination stitches she picks.  Silks, with metallics;  silks with beads;  boucle with beads.  You never know.  Whatever the area Brenda will work her magic.

Robbyn's Nest frogs were Wendy's choice for the weekend.  

Kathy's Fall tree is going to be amazing. 
She has the Holiday version of this tree almost complete.  The leaves on this one rock!

This Laurel Burch is going to take a lot of planning, lots of details.
Each one is going to be cooler than the next.

Several of the ladies selected Laurel Burch canvases this time. 
Mary's cat has wonderful colors and details.  His face is so cute.

Thanks to Brenda's stitch selection, Sue knocked out the hat on this skeleton from Leigh in no time.  Can you say beads and crystals?  There will be lots on those glasses.  And the bones will glow in the dark.

Charley Harper canvases are always popular.  I'm in love with these birds.  Look at their little bodies.

So, we know how I feel about Tent Stitch.  I did a little.  Really I did.   See, here's evidence.

Don't you just love the fur on this cat?  Totally unexpected stitch but it's perfect.  

Here's another Laurel Burch.  If you love horses, this is the canvas for you. 
Ellen will be back again for more stitches but those she has so far are gorgeous.

Linda's granddaughter is going to have the most beautiful Tallis bag.  Great stitches and colors.

Kathy was dividing her time between the tree and this great Halloween Train set from Raymond Crawford.  They are a quick stitch so she will easily have them done for next Halloween.

Linda does wonderful angels for her daughter in law Holly.  So far no two have the same stitches. 
(Ignore the canvas holes.  Every new puppy has to taste at least one canvas.  Fortunately Tatoo is a neat snacker and only tasted the edges.)

Dotty is working on a magnificent Melissa Shirley turkey. 

Much of the fun of the classes is the friend time.  Looking forward to next time.....

Wow, look at the results of a class with Brenda.  Here's an almost finished masterpiece!  I love the beaded snowman!  Thanks for bringing this Mary.

Until next time.


Sheena said...

Wow, what fun!! I can't wait to take a Brenda class!!!!

Diane said...

How I wish I lived closer so that I could always come to these classes. What fun!

BamaCarol said...

Beautiful canvas designs, all! You should have a 'show' of these when they are all finished. Wish I lived right around the corner from your place and then I would be able to take these lovely classes!

Pediatric Musings by Dr. Margaret Payne said...

This class looks awesome. I would love to see what Brenda did with the fall tree. I started it a few years ago and wasn't happy with some of my stitches so I set it aside. It is one I have been wanting to get out again. Margaret

Steph's Stitching said...

You girls look like you are having an awesome time. I have so enjoyed reading your blog. It inspired me to start one of my own. Check it out at Happy New Year to you!

Ruth Schmuff said...

HI everyone. I wish you could all come to class. Oh, the fun we would have!

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