Friday, February 03, 2012

Let's Have a Super Bowl Party!

Since our home team didn't make it to the SuperBowl we decided to throw our own party at Bedecked and Beadazzled!

Join us this Sunday February 5th from 12-4 for a stitch in!

To further add to the fun, you can score your own personal touchdown by catching the canvas you've had your eye on at a sale price.

Here's the game plan.
From 12 - 1pm all in-stock canvases will be 7% off.
From 1pm - 2pm all in-stock canvases will be 14% off.
From 2pm - 3pm all in-stock canvases will be 21% off.
From 3pm - 4pm all in-stock canvases will be 28% off.

Special Orders, Previous Orders, Current and Future Mystery Class Canvases Not included.

You may call, email or stop in to see if the canvas of your choice is available but we can not hold it for you.

Once you are here and you have a canvas in your hands, it is yours at the price associated with the hour you caught it.  You can not hold the ball (err canvas) until the clock turns 3.  What fun would that be?

Can't come in person? The same rules apply.  Call, 410.296.0405 or email, to see if the canvas you want is in stock and we're happy to charge and send. Remember not all canvases on the website are in stock.

Here's one of our more fun requests from yesterday afternoon from our very own Jane of Chilly Hollow.  Talk about getting into the spirit of the game!...Afternoon, Ruth!  Hope you are having a blast refereeing the game at the shop.  I am rushing toward the end zone, with a copy of Sheena's computer pixie in my hot little hands.

Is it in stock?  Will I score?  Only time will tell!!!!

I don't need threads or beads or sequins, thanks.  I am up to my eyebrows in threads and beads and sequins and also have a bunch of colors of memory thread here.  I have plenty of threads, just not always the right threads, but I think I can do this from what I have in hand.   But thanks for asking.

Just in case I did manage to score the canvas of my dreams, here is my shipping information.



Steph's Stitching said...

Sounds like so much fun! If only I were rich and single, I could jet off to the party. Alas, I am neither. Have a great time!


Sheena said...

The phones will be ringing off the hook!! You may need to add an extra line :) Have fun, wish I was there.

karen said...

I'll be there in spirit.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I had fun, even though I wasn't actually there. When we win the lottery....

Jane makes a note "Buy Lottery Ticket"

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