Sunday, February 26, 2012

No rules, no way

Today's class on the Poinsettia Lady was and easy one.  No rules allowed!

Our mission du jour was to stitch the background.  So, what to do?  We want the shading to show through and there's those funky stripes that are all different sizes to contend with.  The game plan was to stitch small flowers scattered throughout the stripes.  All the flowers are totally random.  You know I love random.  A flower here, a  flower there. 

The flowers have sweet beaded centers and float between the dark green stripes.  And of course the dark green stripes have random silver sequins on them.

It was a random sort of world today.

Once the background was complete we could get back to the business of giving our girl personality.  Gotta love the pom poms and a few well placed outlines.  She's starting to shape up nicely.

Next lesson in two weeks.  We need big bold flowers!!!!

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