Monday, April 30, 2012

Time really does fly!

Here it is Monday evening and Brenda Hart is on her way back home.  Her visits are always tooo short.

We had a wonderful time and loved every minute of the embellishment class she taught at Bedecked and Beadazzled.

Each stitcher had a different canvas.

Judy worked on her Charley Harper birds a bit but then got distracted by this great EyeCandy canvas and needed threads and stitches for it.

Mary brought her snowman from the last class back to inspire us all to a finish!

Look at the progress she is making on this new piece. Brenda picked many stitches last time and more this class!  Gotta love Laurel Burch!

Everyone works so hard in between their turns.

Brenda works hardest of all.  Selecting the perfect stitches to enchant and challenge us.

Barbara started my favorite Tapestry Fair canvas with threads and stitches that I selected and then brought it to Brenda for the next level of embellishment. 

 This of course means bullions and cast on stitches.  These are two of Brenda's favorite stitches and we always tease her by groaning loudly when she issues the challenge.  I do have video of Brenda demonstrating the stitches and I may even be able to upload it here.  One can hope :-)

 Boars?  Who says needlepoint is boring.  Okay, couldn't resist.  Check these guys out.  I love them! 

 Kathy started this incredible Lani geisha canvas.  

Mostly she worked on her son's stocking with a little help from his older sister Katie.  Deadlines had to be met and she was determined to leave this with me for finishing. It is an amazing piece of needlework!  Way to go Kathy!

Katie had her own project that she worked on over the weekend.  EyeCandy owls are always a fun choice.

Check out the background on this Maggie canvas.  Love the flowers. 

 Carole got lots of stitching one on her Ewe & Eye teacup.  It's going to be soooo cool.

Palma is doing an amazing job with this Sharon G canvas.  It looks like soooo much fun to stitch.

Well there you have it.  A fun weekend was had by all.  Thanks for coming ladies.  See you soon.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Make it Count

You know how much I love painted canvases, but do you know I also love counted thread? That's where I started.

It's true, I'm a junkie.  I love it all.  Don't even get me started on my love of beadwork.  Then you will know I have issues :-)

Have you seen the cover of the new Needlepointers Magazine?

I am totally in love with the cover design.  Mulberry & Lime by Jeanne Polzin.  You could probably guess, I love the colors that were used in the design but then I love playing with the colors too.  A friend was in the shop today and she wanted to do the design in Fall colors.  She did most of the work, but I added a little something.  It was a bright spot in a day filled with reprogramming the charge terminal and entering product in the computer. Woo Hoo!  Those are the glamorous jobs.

We have our little counted thread room in the shop and it is a spot for pure creativity.  Colored canvas from Zweigart on the walls plus fabulous samples from Nature's Palette.  Oh my, their canvases are yummy.

The colors are solid and even and there's soooo many.   Some are sparkly, some are solid. We can order whatever suits your whim.

Combine thes canvas with threads that contrast or blend and the magic begins.  Add beads and crystals and oh my!

I'm dreaming of working one of the new Threedles designs. This one is calling my name tonight. Cat's Eye.  You can see the full line of Threedles Designs on their website.  We have most of the designs in stock.  Their color combinations are stunning.  Feel free to tweak them and make them your own.

Whatever direction your stitching takes you in, have fun and make it colorful! That's what it's all about.

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring, Let's all go to the Beach

Well, it really is pouring here.  I'm sure we need the rain but seriously there's a crazy amount of rain coming down.

So glad we went to the beach this weekend with Sandy Arthur!

Everyone had a great time stitching the girls.  They have such personalities.  The girl next door, the flirt, the fashionista. 

 Carol looks like she is having a great time with Kathy looking on in the back.

Sandy's instructions are great, with lots of photos, but in class you also get the personal attention and  hands on demos that make the class so much more fun.

Just look at these nifty golden curls.

 The design is stitched on 14ct so it's a quick stitch.  Lot's of patterns make it a fun stitch.

I love happy students!  Linda looks happy.

Sandy has two great books of Shapes of Needlepoint Stitches that are great additions to any stitcher's library.
 Sandy signed the autograph board. Our class tradition.

I also love happy teachers!  Sandy is one of the happiest!  We're looking forward to Sandy's return visit.  I don't have a date yet, but I can promise it will be a fun project.

To everyone that was here this weekend, thanks for visiting.  We love having you here. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Egyptian Falcon God comes to Bedecked and Beadazzled

News Flash!

Horus, Egyptian Falcon God is in the shop, and he's amazing!

Horus is recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphs as ḥr.w; the pronunciation has been reconstructed as *Ḥāru, meaning "falcon". Additional meanings are thought to have been "the distant one" or "one who is above, over".

Gale Washington has designed this great new intermediate level pulled thread design to allow us to practice and perfect some of the basic Pulled Thread Stitches.

The design is partially charted and partially pre-drawn on white 30 count linen.  The stitches may be practiced and placed, at  your discretion, in the cartouche-like bar at the right of the design, or you may follow the charted sampler provided.   

Both value and line will be discussed as they apply to this design.  Six Pulled Thread stitches, some with variations, stem outline stitch, running stitch and seed stitch will be worked using perle cotton and metallic thread.  A Swarovski crystal embellishes the eye of Horus and completes the design.

Consider joining us June 2nd and 9th for this journey into ancient Egypt and the world of Pulled Thread Embroidery as only Gale Washington can teach it. 

Call us at 410.296.0405 to register. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

Today's class (lesson number 2 in the Pear Collage) was all about bubbles.  In my head it was all about bubbles, stitches inside bubbles and stitches outside bubbles.

I'm not sure what the ladies in class thought it was about.  Maybe a lesson in frustration :-)

No worries, it isn't that bad.

The pattern in the top stripe is one of my favorite panels.  It's a pretty lime green with lacy white circles.  The same thread is used throughout the panel but the stitch changes inside the circles and outside the circles.  Same thread, same number of plies, totally different look.  Depth magically appears.  The space inside the bubbles goes back in the distance.  Once the white circles are beaded we have foreground, mid-ground and background.  Pretty cool.

There is a thin dark stripe between the top panel and the Montenegrin we did in lesson number 1.  It's a simple repeat of Upright Stitches over a metallic thread.

Finally we started the lower section with the dark bubbles.  The smallest circles are two different sizes of tiny jessicas.  Once you learn how to stitch a jessica they really are pretty easy and incredibly gratifying.  Pay attention to the count.

We meet again in 3 weeks;  I think we'll do more bubbles!  The pears are coming, I promise.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog and sign up for the classes and come to class and listen to my thought process. Love you all.

A special hi to the In Stitches girls in Atlanta. Judy, I hope you are enjoying following the pears. 

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hippity Hop

Did the Easter Bunny visit you today?

Here's my own personal Easter Bunny.  I finished him this morning. He is sooo darn cute.

This is the Michael Stoebner Spring Bunny canvas from my line.  Brenda Hart selected some of the stitches and my Mom stitched him between a few other projects.  She's about as amused with doing ribbon work as some of the rest of my stitching friends out there, so back it came to me. 

I love doing all the fussy stuff.  Twisted Ribbon roses and Swarovski pearls in his basket.

Folded Ribbon roses and Lazy Daisy leaves in the flowered field.

The big flower was the challenge.  I wanted to sculpt it from ribbon.  It's big and still needed to look as it was painted.  I started with two loops of 7mm ribbon, looping the ribbon front to back and tucking the edges underneath the front loop.  A tiny stitch from the front to the back of the canvas through both layers of the ribbon hold it all in place.

Next up, two Japanese Ribbon Stitches to frame the first layer with a French Knot on a Stem in the middle.

More Japanese Ribbon Stitches worked with 7mm ribbon again finish the flower.  Work a layer or a petal at a time.  With each stitch I looked at which side I wanted the ribbon to curve toward and put the piercing stitch on that edge of the ribbon.

Finally one more Swarovski pearl and tah duh!  The flower is finished.

The perfect end to a fun and happy canvas.

Go eat some chocolate.  Happy Easter.


Thursday, April 05, 2012

Our Bee

I love my bee from the logo.  It's cute and funky and looks even cuter embroidered on snap trays and project bags.  Love these!

Snap trays are available in pink, purple or green.

 Project trays are also available in pink, purple or green and in both 11 x 14 and 9 x 12.

Here's the bee, buzzing through.  Happy Stitching!

Monday, April 02, 2012

5 Years!!!!

Wow, it seems like yesterday that we opened Bedecked and Beadazzled and here it is 5 years and 2 locations later.  Where does the time go?  What will be next?

You know I am always thinking and planning and trying my hardest to develop fun adventures for us.  There are so many in my head and in the heads of the girls I lovingly call my Board of Directors.  Thank you all for your support.

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we invited Julia Snyder for the weekend.

Saturday we stitched our Anniversary Bee canvas designed exclusively for us by Colors of Praise!

This piece is just chock full of really, really cool dimensional techniques.  Love it!

Each of the ladies was welcomed to class with an Easter Basket full of threads and chocolates.  What can I say, I like cute.

Julia does great close-up demonstrations to make sure we all understand exactly what she wants us to do.

This is the wing of the bumble bee.  A piece of gold wire, folded and slid into Flair, then shaped with a pull here and a twist there.  How cool is that.  Think about all those pretty flower petals we can make!

Day two was an embellishment day. Bring a canvas and allow Julia to pick threads and stitches.  Oh the fun!

It looks like most of us were in the mood for smaller canvases this time.  Maggie's Platforms and Paws is a fun choice for Julia.  Rows of Detatched buttonhole form the flower.

Since it was Palm Sunday, Linda came to class in the spirit of the season, Bunny teapot by Shelly Tribbey complete with matching bunny and carrot magnets and her own one of a kind scissor fob.

 Can you tell how much fun we had?  Check out the smiles!

In between all the fun and girl time Palma found time to get some serious stitching in on her new series of Melissa Shirley Christmas crackers!

There was even a little silly Tai Chi in the front room. One never knows what we will do.

Thanks again, for making this celebration extra special.  Love you all.

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