Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lather, Rinse and Repeat!

This blog post may have just as easily been called anything worth doing is worth doing again and again.

Today was Pear Collage lesson #3 at Bedecked and Beadazzled.

In the last lesson we played in the bubbles.  Stitches inside the bubbles and stitches outside the bubbles.  Today we turned all of that inside out.  The same design with the same stitches but in the reverse position; different parts of the pattern now move forward or backward! 

Big stitches come forward and tiny stitches go back. We know this, but it's still good to remind ourselves of it occasionally.  This of course doesn't mean that we can't change it up sometimes and do a great big pattern in the background just because.

The bubbles themselves are more beads and I love the little green medallions that glow from within the panel.
There are several panels of Swirl Stitch throughout the design.  It  plays off the curves of the pears and bubbles and gives us a few nice flat areas to rest the eye.  And of course repetition is balance.

There are two panels on the left that now showcase another flat pattern stitch with just a little metallic!

Last up, we added a stripe of Greek Stitch framed by padded satin.  

With this  in place we are well on our way to another finish.  The next lesson is in 3 weeks June 3rd!  We are going to finish then as I am anxious to start the EyeCandy summer mystery.  I can feel lots of sparkly beads and sequins in our future for that one.

Thanks for coming to visit!

P.S.  Our friend Mary was kind enough to bring us Pear Salad for a little afternoon treat during class.  Here's the classic recipe.

Dissolve 1 large package of lime Jell-O in juice from two 15.5-oz cans of pears that has been heated to a boil. Soften one 3-oz package of Philadelphia cream cheese and blend with the pears mashed thoroughly with a fork. Cool Jell-O some, then add to pear-cream cheese mixture. Cool this mixture to room temperature. Whip 1/2 pint of whipping cream and fold into mixture. Pour into molds and let set in refrigerator until firm.

One can of cold evaporated milk and 1/2 cup of sugar can be whipped and used instead of the cream. Beat milk first, then add sugar; may only need to add 1/4 cup sugar. Or one 8-oz carton of Cool Whip may be used instead of the whipped cream.

Easy as pie -- or even easier! Enjoy!

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