Sunday, May 20, 2012

Orna, Orna, Orna

Orna Willis is a force of nature.  She has a free spirit attitude that is game for anything.  Mix that with her love of color and design and magic happens.  I've known Orna for over 15 years (yes, we are dating ourselves here). 

We were fortunate to have Orna at Bedecked and Beadazzled this weekend and it was a great event.  Such a great event that this is going to be a multipart/multiday blog post.  Sooooo much to share.

Let's start with oohing and ahhing over the wonderful models that Orna sent.  This was really a site to behold.  She sent just a portion of her collection of amazing sttitched pieces and I filled walls with them.  You can't begin to choose a favorite.  Each is yummier than the next.  I really don't know how she got them all stitched.  There are just so many!

All are counted canvaswork.  You start with blank canvas and then follow diagrams to complete the pattern.  Most of her charts have multiple color ways or you can create your own.  The really cool thing is that stitched in different colors they rock out to entirely new and different designs.

If anything catches your eye, call or email and we'll send it your way.  We'll send threads too if you would like.  We're easy like that.

Here goes.....

Yuval Cuff in a yummy lime.


Silky Safari - Gotta Stitch this one.  Applique of printed ultrasuede, embroidered stitches.  Look close at the edges, there's machine embroidery on there too!

Royal in two great colorways

Temperment. Lot's of basketweave which you know isn't my favorite, but a piece that could easily live in my house if I had any wall-space left.

I think this one is called Equilibrium.  Gorgeous.  So elegant.

Wishes, this is just a snippet of a large piece worked entirely on Congress.  It is stunning.  

Tesselations Again.  This is an amazing piece.  Look for the triangles.  They flip and slide and mirror one another to make the most wonderful pattern.

Gayle in Blossom colorway

Gayle in the Can't Resist Colorway.  Could there be a better name?

Here we have Gayle in the Spring colorway.  


This is Orna's newest design.  We're waiting for it to arrive.  Freedom.  

Can you choose?  I can't, each is prettier and more exciting than the next.  I'll post more tomorrow;  it's all about the peacocks.  Let these brighten your day for now. 


karen said...

Tesselations Again. Scrumptious.

Ruth Schmuff said...

Tesselations Again really is amazing. You wouldn't believe the number of threads in this design. Wowsey!

laura z. said...

So many beautiful pieces - I really love Silky Safari though. Gorgeous!

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