Friday, June 29, 2012

What's New!

One of the two big needlework tradeshows was this past weekend.  There's lots of new canvases from all the designers popping up everywhere.  We will be stocking the walls with new so check out our what's new section online or come for a visit.  I thought I would show you some of my new designs.  All are available through Bedecked and Beadazzled or through your local needlepoint shop.

Lets add a little whimsey and magic to our lives this year.  We have a new series of fairies to sprinkle some magic into your life.

Here are just a few.   The Garden Fairy

 The Baking Fairy

The Seashell Fairy

And of course the Needlepoint Fairy.  We have a stitch guide in progress for this little girl and she's going to be great.  Sheena of Sheena's Sweet Stitches is working on it now.  How cool is that?

We also have a pair of new Christmas designs.  A traditional tree with folk art birds and a more contemporary tree with the same birds.  So fun.

I hope you enjoyed this little preview.  Stay inside and stitch.  It's hot out :-)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stars n'Stripes

Are you ready for the 4th of July?

It's a sparkly holiday so that's a good thing in my book.  Not so fond of non sparkly holidays. :-)

If you are in the mood for something red, white, blue and sparkly here's the EyeCandy Needleart Stars n'Stripes canvas with all the fun threads and beads we pulled for it.  There is a stitch guide all typed up and ready to go, so this fun little number could be your stitching project for the holiday.

Listen to those firecrackers roar!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New from Charley Harper!

We all love Charley Harper, so the minute I heard there were new canvases I ordered!  These are all on their way to the shop.

Biodiversity in the Burbs is amazing!! It's big, 27.5 x 34.5 on 18ct but it is amazing.  Deer, dog, raccoon, cat, turtle, squirrel, turkey, ladybug, fox, flamingo and sooooo much more!

 I can't resist Convivial Pursuit.  Look at these guys, just chillin and playing.  14 x 14 on 13ct.

 Perfect for the shore we have Caribbean Cruisers.  14 x 9.5 on 13ct.

Wrented is another hysterical canvas, a wren has made his home inside a skull.  12" x 16" on 13ct.

Finally, we have Green Cuisine that is just such a happy, colorful piece.  I'd love to see this hanging above a door.  25.5 x 7 on 13ct.

Charley Harper canvases are great for showcasing the graphic side of stitches.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Flirty Girl

You know I love my flirty girls.  They are full of sass and fun.

How can you resist this face and that attitude.  This is flirty girl collage in aqua and lime.  You can see her in her 10" x 10" glory here

She was just begging to be stitch guided.  Can't you hear her cheering?  Stitch guide me next!  Stitch guide me!

So, that's what we did.  The ever talented Sheena James and I put our creative little heads together and came up with a guide that is just too much fun.  We even requested a new color Petite Silk Lamé Braid from Rainbow to make it just perfect.  It's being released tomorrow at the TNNA show.  How cool is that?

The first complete kit is in it's new home with a happy stitcher, but we have plenty of canvases in stock and are happy to send you a flirty girl too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fab Firs

Are you ready for a new club opportunity? This one is from the Needle Deeva and her team Deeva.  Vicky de Angelis wrote the stitch guides and selected just the perfect greens and tomato reds and sparklies to make us all fall in love with the trees.

Not sure which is my favorite.  Might be the very first one, the Scottish Pine.

Join the club and receive one tree per month starting in October.  On the 8th month you will receive a 9th tree absolutely free in addition to number 8.  We like FREE gifts.

All trees come complete with stitch guides.  Those that use crystals and special beads automatically come with those too.  We will be offering an optional thread kit that includes full skeins etc of all threads needed to stitch all 9 trees.  If you order the thread kit it is shipped with the first ornament.

You can sign up here, or call us to register.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's a Garden Party!

Are you coming to the party?  There's quite a buzz in the air.  Who will be there?  What will it be like?

Fun, fun, fun!  That's what I can promise.

We started a new Mystery Class at Bedecked and Beadazzled today!  It's the Garden Party Heart Mod Collage by EyeCandy.

With each Mystery Class I stitch it section by section unveiling it a little at a time - just like a mystery book.  There are twists and turns as you all try to guess what I will do.  Where I will put beads and sparkles and leave canvas exposed.  Sometimes I surprise you which always makes me smile.

This canvas is a challenge.  There's just so much going on.  Where to start, what to do?  My initial plan was to stitch the heart first as that's the part that needs to come forward.  That plan quickly went out the window as the ideas started flowing.

I decided to start with the backgrounds.  Not really that surprising when it comes to me, but considering this canvas doesn't really have a background it is sort of surprising.

I chose stitches for the backgrounds that mirrored the design of the section.

The gold background has dots,

the blue background flowers, 

the green is all squiggly, 

and finally, the orange background is filled with hearts!

Here it is, all together.

It's so much fun to stitch.  Bright happy colors and not too much of any one thing.  You all know my attention span.  :-)

This isn't all the fun I have to share for today.  I also get to unveil the exclusive snap tray designed just for this canvas.  This is available only to students of this mystery.  How cute is this?  Keep your threads, scissors and needles for this project close at hand in a pretty little tray. 

Everyone has 3 weeks to finish these sections and get ready for lesson #2 on July 8th.  Can you believe it?  July already.  It's a quick stitch.  See you soon.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Is the type getting smaller, or is it just me?

I am convinced that the type everywhere is getting smaller and smaller.  Our phones are getting smaller, the text is getting smaller.  Some days the canvas just looks fuzzy.

I found this great line of optical quality readers.  Eyebobs.   

Eyewear for the irreverent and slightly jaded

Now if that doesn't scream my name. I'm not sure what does.

They are beautifully made and they look cool.  We have a nice assortment of styles and colors in the shop ready for you to select from.  If you need something more exacting than a simple reader, give the frames to you optometrist and they will put your prescription in the frame.

Pretty cool!

Oh and check out the names of the styles. 
Adult Supervision
Board Stiff
Total Wit

I love a company with a sense of humor.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

EyeCandy is telling fairytales

The EyeCandy Needleart line is one of my favorites.  First there's the color, then there's the whimsy, then there's the color. What's not to love?

Ada has done it again with a fun new series of fairytale canvases.

And for all of her mermaid friends she has put her own spin on a mermaid by creating a mermaid pirate.

Of course there has to be new Halloween canvases.  I love the happy flower garden and the silly trick or treaters.

Check the entire line out on-line or stop in to see them.  Ether way, I promise you smiles and giggles.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day of the Dead at Bedecked and Beadazzled!

Day of the Dead and sugar skulls is definitely one of those quirky things that you either get and embrace or really just don't care about.

I think it's a riot.  Over in my WIP pile I have one of Melissa Shirley's Sugar Skulls started.  The very first time Julia Snyder came to teach she selelcted stitches and threads for it.  Soooo much fun. Not done.  One day.

Now have Sugar Skull magnets in assorted colors.  Too cute.

And we have Day of the Dead snap trays certain to brighten your day.  There are different patterns.  All are a riot.  You can order online or by calling us at 410.296.0405.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Poinsettia Lady has returned!

The Poinsettia Lady had returned from her spa trip to the framer.  She was our Winter Mystery Class at Bedecked and Beadazzled and lots of fun to stitch.

The frame was custom designed by Lisa Krause.  She does lots of frames for Maggie canvases.  I made certain that my stitches and embellishments would work with the frame.  It's the perfect touch of whimsey for another fun canvas.

If you would like to frame yours similarly, let me know and we'll order the frame.  One note, the new frames have the red and green check all the way around the interior of the frame, not just one corner like mine.

Until next time.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Pear Collage Finale!

Can you believe the Pear Collage is finished?  I can't.  We started with the plan of 5 lessons.  Then I changed it up to 4 lessons to make room for a fabulous Halloween canvas that we just have to stitch this fall.

I'm not the least bit sorry I made the change.  There's lots and lots of coolness in the last lesson.

This canvas has always felt elegant to me.  It didn't need or want all my typical frou frou.  Yes of course it needed beads and metallics but it needed elegant versions of those.

The white flowers are simply long stitches of white floss and accentuate.  They needed just a subtle shimmer.

There's a little blue green in the piece.  That comes to life thanks to Petite Silk Lamé Braid.  I really, really love the petite size in that thread.

The pears are variation of Mosaic Stitch patterns in several shades of Kreinik Very Fine (#4) Braid.
All accented with more beads.  It's all very, very subtle.  I understand there was concern that I was going to completely bead the fruit.  Surprise, I didn't. Maybe next time.

This one will be framed.  I have the most amazing frame ever on order for it.  Very, very cool.  I have the companion piece Apples on bars ready to stitch but there are other things calling my name first.    Like the first lesson of the Garden Party Mod Collage and the 4th lesson of the row of ladies.  Those take priority.

Friday, June 01, 2012


As long as we were talking about Diane Dirk's Stitch canvas I thought I would share a few more photos of my version.

I love anything that is typography.  It's the graphic designer in me.  I think that's why I've always gravitated to Diane's canvases.  This is the original 13ct canvas. Each letter is a different font and color. 

The S has ribbons.  I've loved ribbons for a long time.  :-)  I think turning the T into a pair of scissors was genius and I love that the thread travels from it to the eye of the needle  and back again.  It's all couched torsade.  Love that!

Finding the perfect color for the background was a challenge.  It's painted a blu-ish color and I'm not a blue girl so I changed it to an icy green.  Icy green is my go to color for backgrounds.  It adds a little interest and seems to go with everything.
The finishing is magic.  Here's this big piece of needlepoint in all sorts of colors - what to do?  Well, one of my finishers extraordinaire worked her magic with orange (yes, orange) silk embroidered with polka dots!  Now, add big pink bows and I am in love!

This is one of the pieces I most love living with.

It's very exciting that I now represent Diane Dirks Designs and that I am able to offer this design in a smaller size on 18ct.  It's amazing small too.  The existing stitch guide is easily adaptable to the 18ct version.

Back to finishing touches on the Pear Collage Mystery Class for me.  See you all Sunday.
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