Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's a Garden Party!

Are you coming to the party?  There's quite a buzz in the air.  Who will be there?  What will it be like?

Fun, fun, fun!  That's what I can promise.

We started a new Mystery Class at Bedecked and Beadazzled today!  It's the Garden Party Heart Mod Collage by EyeCandy.

With each Mystery Class I stitch it section by section unveiling it a little at a time - just like a mystery book.  There are twists and turns as you all try to guess what I will do.  Where I will put beads and sparkles and leave canvas exposed.  Sometimes I surprise you which always makes me smile.

This canvas is a challenge.  There's just so much going on.  Where to start, what to do?  My initial plan was to stitch the heart first as that's the part that needs to come forward.  That plan quickly went out the window as the ideas started flowing.

I decided to start with the backgrounds.  Not really that surprising when it comes to me, but considering this canvas doesn't really have a background it is sort of surprising.

I chose stitches for the backgrounds that mirrored the design of the section.

The gold background has dots,

the blue background flowers, 

the green is all squiggly, 

and finally, the orange background is filled with hearts!

Here it is, all together.

It's so much fun to stitch.  Bright happy colors and not too much of any one thing.  You all know my attention span.  :-)

This isn't all the fun I have to share for today.  I also get to unveil the exclusive snap tray designed just for this canvas.  This is available only to students of this mystery.  How cute is this?  Keep your threads, scissors and needles for this project close at hand in a pretty little tray. 

Everyone has 3 weeks to finish these sections and get ready for lesson #2 on July 8th.  Can you believe it?  July already.  It's a quick stitch.  See you soon.


karen said...

It looks fabulous!

Ruth Schmuff said...

Wow, have you been stalking the site? :-)

Glad you like. It's totally fun.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

The backgrounds are totally obvious now that you explain but I never ever would have come up with this. Wild applause is coming from Chilly Hollow!
Jane, waving

Ruth Schmuff said...

Wild applause is fun. Thanks so much

karen said...

Ruth, you should know by now that I can't wait for the new mystery installments. :)

granny1 said...

Is it to late to sign up??

granny1 said...

Is it to late to sign up??

granny1 said...

Is it to late to sign up??

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