Friday, June 01, 2012


As long as we were talking about Diane Dirk's Stitch canvas I thought I would share a few more photos of my version.

I love anything that is typography.  It's the graphic designer in me.  I think that's why I've always gravitated to Diane's canvases.  This is the original 13ct canvas. Each letter is a different font and color. 

The S has ribbons.  I've loved ribbons for a long time.  :-)  I think turning the T into a pair of scissors was genius and I love that the thread travels from it to the eye of the needle  and back again.  It's all couched torsade.  Love that!

Finding the perfect color for the background was a challenge.  It's painted a blu-ish color and I'm not a blue girl so I changed it to an icy green.  Icy green is my go to color for backgrounds.  It adds a little interest and seems to go with everything.
The finishing is magic.  Here's this big piece of needlepoint in all sorts of colors - what to do?  Well, one of my finishers extraordinaire worked her magic with orange (yes, orange) silk embroidered with polka dots!  Now, add big pink bows and I am in love!

This is one of the pieces I most love living with.

It's very exciting that I now represent Diane Dirks Designs and that I am able to offer this design in a smaller size on 18ct.  It's amazing small too.  The existing stitch guide is easily adaptable to the 18ct version.

Back to finishing touches on the Pear Collage Mystery Class for me.  See you all Sunday.

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