Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ID that Needle

So here you are;  you have a handful of needles and its a mystery where they came from and what they are.

Are they tapestry needles?



One can only wonder, or better yet, one can compare them to these nifty little cards and determine once and for all what's what.

Six little cards, in their own little box ready to serve your inquiring mind.  One side of the card has scale drawings of each size of needle in the group.  The opposite side of the card has a little bit of history and some telling facts that help solve the mystery.  Does your needle have a long eye or a small eye?  

Toss a set of these in your stitching bag and never be at a loss for what needle to use again.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Le Woof!

That phase just cracks me up.  If you are a dog lover we have snap trays for you too.

At this rate we will soon have snap trays for every possible pet, hobby or trend. Oh well, it's harmless fun and they are useful.

In our current collection of doggie style snap trays we have
Dog hair just another specialty fiber
mine, mine, mine
and  Le Woof!

Too fun!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Kitty Cameos

You know I love my boys.  All 4 footed furriness of them.  So, when there is something super cute and cat like, what's a girl to do?

We now have cat themed snap trays.  Perfect for the cat lover everywhere.  These are of course perfect for housing your scissors, threads and needles for the current project, but consider them also for travel.  The perfect spot for your watch and cellphone in the hotel room.

Each is cuter than the next.  If you are a Stitch Kitten or the Purrrfect Stitcher!  We have a tray for you.

My favorite is the Kitty Cameo.  This one is special for us.  Isn't it too cute.  Available in assorted colors.

Dog snap trays will be coming soon.  I am an equal opportunity enabler after all.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What to do on a gray Saturday?

A group of us decided to spend the day together in the shop on Saturday learning Kumihimo.  It was such a gray day and we needed an extra dose of color.

Kumihimo is a Japanese braiding technique that is really quite simple.  You work with a foam disk that has numbered slots on it to tell you where to place your threads.  There are a few simple movements.

Top Right Down

Bottom Left Up


Repeat this many times and a braid begins to appear.

I found this video on youtube that shows how it's done.

Linda Rosenthal was our instructor.  She is an accomplished photographer and fiber artist. She is full of the joy of creating and happy to share what she knows.

She kept us all in line.  Including me as I seemed to be totally challenged at the beginning.

 We each selected our own color palette.  Imagine that, mine is raspberry and orange. 

By the end of class with the magic of paper beads made by Linda, Cleta and Wendy had finished tassels.

We looped some on to scissors and instant scissor fobs were born.  Mine is the crystally one.  You probably could have guessed that.  Maybe I was a flamenco dancer in a previous life?  Oh wait, that would require rhythm. That's not happening.

The crystals hide a multitude of sins.  They were all leftovers from other projects and they needed a good home other wise I would be forced to put them away.  I just kept sewing on crystals till they were all used up.  Kinda fun, no rules, totally random.

Thanks again, Linda.  We had a great time!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A little bling

A little bling is definitely needed on a gray and rainy day.  This week really needs a little sunshine.

Today is the third lesson of the EyeCandy mystery Garden Party Heart Mod Collage.  The background squares are now finished.... or are they?  hmmmm.

The flowers in the top right corner are poppy in bright shades of silk with fabulous gear-like washers in the center.  They needed a little bling.  The colors themselves are so blingy you hardly notice there isn't a bead on here yet.

The bottom right corner is filled with movement and sparkle. Rainbow Gallery came out with a new color of Silk Lamé Braid just in time for this canvas.   Do you think they know me?  I would have preferred the smaller size but this will have to do.

Here's the entire right side completing the frame for the center heart.  What shall we do with that?

Next lesson is not for 3 weeks so we can all get caught up.  

Hope you are enjoying this easy breezy summer mystery.  See you soon.


Friday, July 20, 2012


All these nifty cool things we learn in a class project are not limited to just that project.  Julia Snyder was here April 1 to help us celebrate our 5th anniversary.  She taught us a boatload, yes, a boatload of cool techniques on this Colors of Praise canvas that is exclusively ours.  How cute is this?

Just look at all the fun stuff in this canvas!

What you don't know is that as Joan sits here quietly taking all this in, the wheels are turning and she is plotting how to use these same techniques to embellish her knitted pillow.  This project was designed by the very talented quilt designer Sue Spargo.  Love her stuff too!

Thanks for sharing your pillow with us, Joan.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Look what can be done

We all laugh that when we have these embellishment classes that we really don't accomplish anything.  Oh yes, we leave with a million cool new ideas but we rarely get more than a stitch or two on the canvas.

We start a ridiculous number of threads and have spaghetti hanging here there and everywhere off our canvases.

It is however, possible to accomplish a lot.

Especially if you are A) A beautiful stitcher and B) driven!

Sue is both.  Allow me to document two days of Sue stitching with Julia.


Here it is, Sue's turn and she's furiously taking notes.  Perhaps we all need a mini seminar in shorthand?

The owl body in Roof Stitch is a quick stitch.  Okay, that's gratifying.  Now, on to the wings.

Layers and layers of Crescents in an overdye silk.  It's all one color. Silk n'Colors 208. How cool is that?  And the nose is a fern stitch.  This is going kinda quick.

And here's our girl a little tired but having a great time because, the owl is finished!!!!

 Is he not just too cute?

As long as we had time, Julia demonstrated her idea for the wing on this bird.  Knotted Ground Stitch.

Very cool technique.

Look, the bird can fly!  He has a wing.

Sue. thanks for letting us document that anything really is possible.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Julia Snyder came to town!

Well, here we are, the day after.

Julia Snyder is a tour de force.  We have a great time every time she comes to visit.  The fun, the laughter, the ideas.  Oh my!

We spur each other on and the creativity is just so much fun.  Wait till you see what we have cooked up.  I'm not divulging anything yet, but there are plans. Oh my, are there plans!

When asked to describe Julia's style of stitching I always say that she is more dimensional.  Yes, we all try to put dimension in our stitching.  I do it through perspective (gotta put that graphic design degree to use somehow).  Julia does it though dimensional stitches.  She uses tons of embroidery stitches to make things pop off the canvas. 

Look at this Brenda Stofft cat with the fluffy, fluffy collar.

Joan started the dragonfly collage.  Judging by the frog with the bullion toes I can only imagine where this is going.

Tena brought this giant farm scene to work out more details on.  She's listening intently to Julia's ideas but don't let that fool you, she has a sense of humor that is as dry as the desert.  Between her and Karla May we were in stitches!  Thanks for coming ladies.

As long as I have mentioned  Karla May, she delighted me by choosing one of my newer designs, Laptop Girls, to stitch.  This is going to be so cool.  The lime green background is this big open tent stitch pattern and girl on the left is going to have spiral ribbon roses on her skirt.   

Check out those roses! You know I love ribbon, and I love making spiral ribbon roses.  Can we bedazzle and ribbon rose everything?

Julia explained how to stack Lazy Daisy stitches. 

They are perfect on Palma's canvas from Sundance.

Don't you just love them?

Moore photos and goodies to follow.  But, gotta run now.  Thanks for visiting.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Just in Time for Summer

The Spring Bunny hops in to town!

Don't you just love the frame? This is a new line of frames that I am crazy about!  You all know I think there is never enough color.  There's also never enough pattern.

I love Etro and Mackenzie Childs and Emilio Pucci.  Pattern on top of pattern on top of pattern.

The frame is lucite and has circles carved and painted into the back.  Too cool.  You can have any color you want for the background and any color for the design.  It's all totally custom.  This frame is cream metallic with cream.  So subtle, so elegant and so perfect for my Spring Bunny.

This is the Spring Bunny canvas by Michael Stoebner that I had so much fun embellishing Easter weekend.  Ribbons and beads, and buttons Oh my!  Let us know if you would like a kit.  We're happy to put one together for you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Save the Date - September 9th

Check your calendar.

Do you have plans for September 9th?

If not, you are going to want to join us at Bedecked and Beadazzled for a fun afternoon of stitching with one of our favorite teachers.  Robin King will be in town and has agreed to come teach for us.

You know how much we love Zecca canvases and she will be teaching the fabulous Lotus Square.  Perfect for frame, box top or pillow.

Just look at all these yummy threads.  Painted on 13ct this is a quick one to stitch and oh so fun.  How can you resist the colors?

There are a lot of different threads and techniques in this gem of a piece including memory thread, ribbon and beads.

Class is from 1-4 pm Sunday afternoon.  Hope you can make it.  See our Visiting Teachers page for all the details.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

The fun is just beginning!

Here it is the 8th of July.  Summer is upon us.  We need something cool and refreshing and über colorful to stitch.  What could be better than EyeCandy?

Today was lesson #2 of the EyeCandy Needleart Garden Party Heart Mod Collage.  It's coming together nicely. So fun to stitch.

We're still working on the background.  We need to keep it somewhat light so that the center heart can pop.  Hopefully we'll be able to build that area up to make it all come together.  I do have a few ideas :-)

The painted dots are a continuation of the background behind them but now we are stitching the pattern completely.  No open spaces.

The hearts are super fun to stitch.  Four different patterns that all connect. One flows from the next to the next.  We could really put any stitch in any area and it would be fine, but you run the risk of making it a hodge podge.  So by selecting stitches that are all derivatives of one another we can keep everything looking cohesive. All 4 pattern stitches have a Cross Stitch as one of the components.  The only rule is that 2 Cross Stitches shouldn't touch.

I gave everyone the choice of how they wanted to stitch their hearts.  You can either keep things consistent within a color, so all raspberry sections are the same. Or you can keep things consistent within the areas, so the top left section will always be the same stitch no matter what color it is.  See what you decide.

Here we are, left side of background complete.   Shall we do the right side next or shall we jump into the heart.  Join us in class in two weeks (either live or long distance) to see what I decided to do.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Ahoy mateys!

Ok, so I'll never do well on Talk like a Pirate Day (September 19th in case you are curious).  But a pirate mermaid, with lots of bling calling to be stitched that's something I think I can handle.

This is one of the new EyeCandy canvases.  So cute, so special that we couldn't resist pulling threads and snapping a picture.  I love the crystal bubbles, and her pet octopus is quite the charmer.  We have this canvas in stock and ready to go complete with a stitch guide if you too can't resist an octopus with an eye patch.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Boxes for storing

Boxes for toting

Boxes for organizing

So many tiny boxes.

This is the largest of the boxes.  It's 6 x 4 x 2.  There's a pocket in the lid perfect for scissors and whatnot.  A drawstring bag in the body of the box will keep a group of threads neat, or remove it as desired.

 The pencil case is big enough for a BLT, scissors and needles - the basic essentials.

The small box makes the perfect beading buddy.  Scissors, needles and beads conveniently contained.

All items are available in lime, orange, blue, pink and coral.  Call us at 410.296.0405 if anything strikes your fancy.

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