Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Save the Date - September 9th

Check your calendar.

Do you have plans for September 9th?

If not, you are going to want to join us at Bedecked and Beadazzled for a fun afternoon of stitching with one of our favorite teachers.  Robin King will be in town and has agreed to come teach for us.

You know how much we love Zecca canvases and she will be teaching the fabulous Lotus Square.  Perfect for frame, box top or pillow.

Just look at all these yummy threads.  Painted on 13ct this is a quick one to stitch and oh so fun.  How can you resist the colors?

There are a lot of different threads and techniques in this gem of a piece including memory thread, ribbon and beads.

Class is from 1-4 pm Sunday afternoon.  Hope you can make it.  See our Visiting Teachers page for all the details.


granny1 said...

Very pretty, love the colors and fibers you picked for this piece, Ruth!! Wish I lived closer to take this class!! So much talent !!! Beautiful.
Best, Donnelle Anderson

Margaret said...

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate how free you are with your ideas, instructions, and very detailed pictures. That is extremely nice of you. I, for one, am a pretty good needle handler but lack any artist vision, and you are so very good at that. Boy, have I copied your ideas. Thanks a whole bunch, and may you reign forever. From an old lady far from stores and other needle pointers.

gilly said...

Will you please desist with the temptation or invent super fast plane travel ;p

Just love the piece wish I could get to you, from Australia, for the class

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