Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's time for a Challenge

Over on Stitcherie.com we had the idea that it would be fun to do quarterly challenges.  KB came up with the idea and it's been a blast.  We pick a canvas and then invite different needlepoint designers or shopowners to create the rules.

Sometimes they say you have to use such and such a thread.  Other times they suggest certain stitches.  Who knows what the rules will be until the game begins.

Our mystery for June 1 - September 1 can be seen here.  There are several choices of canvases.  Good Ole Summertime from Dreamhouse Ventures is the one I have decided to play with.  You know how I feel about pink and green.

Colleen Church from the Needleworks in Austin created the rules for this challenge.  Here's my haul of threads to play with on the piece following her guidelines.

I realize that it's now well in to August and I'm just now admitting that I'm going to do this challenge.  That might mean that I do it next year.  Oh well, the ideas are in my head and once I get started I'll post pictures here and on Stitcherie to show you what I'm doing. It's not too late to  join us.  It's a great way to stretch your wings and experiment with no pressure.


karen said...

Oh, yum! (Nope, not going to swap my threads for yours. Not going to do it. Must stay strong....)

Ruth Schmuff said...

But my threads are all still new :-) Haven't been opened yet. These too could be yours.

karen said...

But, I've already been stitching mine! I'd have to reverse stitch and I've already done quite a bit of that!

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