Friday, August 31, 2012

The girls are back in town!

Now, I know it has been a long time....

I've finally invited the girls back for a visit.  They've been very patient waiting for their stage to be finished.

There's surprisingly more background on this canvas than I originally thought.  Not enough for crazy plan A in my head that involved a fabulous Chinese New Year dragon weaving and dancing behind the girls but enough that stitching this background took longer than expected.

I created an all over pattern that forms simple diamonds.  Between the diamonds are beads. The magic of the beads is that they are totally clear and sewn on with multi-colored thread.  This makes all the beads look like different colors!  How cool is that?

I have a few things to get off my plate and then the ideas that are in my head for girl #4 can be shown off.  Maybe since she's wearing fur she will come to visit when the weather is cold.

If you haven't already joined the party at Bedecked and Beadazzled, it's not too late.  There are 6 girls and only 3 and the background are stitched.  We can kit this much for you and then you would be in the queue for future shipments.


karen said...


Goldylox99 said...

I love this piece, and it's definitely high on my want list. I was still hoping that your crazy plan A would work out, and I would see a dragon weaving his way behind them. Your eyes were sparkling when you told me about it, and I was sure you were going to bring it to life.

The background you chose is fabulous, and I love the idea of clear beads and multi-colored thread. That's inspired!

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