Friday, September 28, 2012

Snap Snap Snap

What's that sound? ... the sound of buttons and magnets snapping together to make the coolest ever laying tool holder.

Button Snaps are the hot new trend and we're the first to have them!

It’s a pretty button with an elastic loop to hold your laying tool.  It will hold all sizes of laying tools from, tekobaris to carved wooden laying tools, snugly and securely, even when you flip your canvas over to end off threads!

Since it is magnetized to hold on to your canvas it will serve double duty holding your needle too!

Available in assorted colors and patterns. $14.50 each.  Allow us to select a pretty one for you.  You can't go wrong with these;  each is cuter than the next.


Rinda Just said...

I want two of those button laying tool holders (I would like them last week before I broke my glass laying tool because I didn't have a way to keep it handy on the canvas). Can't find them on your website, though. Please advise!

gilly said...

I love them so please please send a couple in my next goodie bag :)

Ruth Schmuff said...

Hi ladies. If you want to order the button snaps give us a call at 410.296.0405 they haven't made their way to the website yet. thanks

gilly said...

lol if I call you I might wake you up! I can never work out the time difference, all I know is I am getting up at the start of the new day as you are going to bed at the end of the old day - expect an email :)

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