Friday, November 09, 2012

The Fab Four with a Twist

You may remember a few years ago when the Fab Four came to teach at the shop.  It was a rotation style teaching event. You brought one canvas and each of the four teachers worked on different areas of the canvas, embellishing it.  In the end, you had one super cool beautiful canvas.

The Fab Four - Tony Minieri, Meredith Willet, Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren are at it again.  They are still on the circuit teaching the class so one evening over a few glasses of wine (or so the story is told) they decided to experiment with a "what if".  What if we each start a stitch motif diagram and then pass it to the next designer for them to add their vision?  Soon graph paper was flying and there were some super cool four part stitch diagrams.

Now those diagrams are combined into two unique Counted Canvaswork Charts.

 Creek Music

St. Leonard's Dance

Even if you never decide to stitch these designs as Crazy Quilts they are still great stitch references!

You can order yours online here.  Or call us and we'll send them right out.

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