Sunday, January 15, 2012

Truly Scrumptious!

Here we are, at the close of another Truly Scrumptious class project, Candyland Christmas Tree Farm by EyeCandy Needleart.  I really did love stitching this piece and designing all kinds of fun and unexpected thread/stitch combinations to bring it to life.

This week we had a few key elements to handle.  The candy canes needed to puff off the canvas and look dimensional.   They need to come forward in front of the trees.  The obvious plan is to pad them.  However, if we pad the shape in any of the traditional ways we lose the visual of where the red and white stripes are;  the padding will cover them.  What to do?

I outlined both edges of the candy canes with a single strand of DMC Memory Thread.  Sink the thread from the front of the canvas to the back and then tack it in place to hold it secure. 

Once both edges of the candy cane are outlined, simply stitch the Candy Cane in Long Stitches;  I chose to use Flair and Petite Frosty Rays.  I could see exactly where I wanted to put each color!

The snow is sparkly and fresh as new fallen snow should be.  The addition of snowflake sequins adds an extra touch of whimsey.

The finishing touch is a large crystal star on the top of the pink and green tree.   Just like adding a tree topper to your Christmas tree it brings it all together.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.  I hope you had fun.  Wishing you a happy, healthy, sparkly, fun-filled 2012.

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