Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fashion Forward

I love handbags.  I tend to collect them.  Love the old Isabella Fiore bags with great patterns and photos.  Love vintage lucite bags.  Love the new Kate Spade bags.  Color print and pop.

So, I set to work creating a handbag I would carry.  It needed to be big enough to be useful and fun enough to be fun!  So, allow me to introduce my bow totes.

We have 4 new designs, all available through Bedecked and Beadazzled or your local needlepoint shop.  They are stitch painted on 13ct mono canvas.  You stitch the various funky shaped pieces and send it off for finishing.  When it returns it is magically shaped into a bow on the front of a custom leather bag.  You can have any color bag you want!

If custom leather bags aren't your thing, look for a tote in any of the big box retailers and send that along with your stitching.  The finishers will open the side seam and attach your bow.

Or what about a cool bow bedecked pillow for your sofa.  That too would be cool.

Have fun and put a bow on it!

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