Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Box Pillow puzzles outside of the box

How's that for a headline?

So what am I talking about?  Zecca, the wonderful creative spirit that she is has done it again.  She had the vision to dream up something so big, so creative that I am once again blown away.

Do you remember flip books from when you were a kid?
The top of the page is the head
The middle of the page is the torso
The bottom of the page are the feet

Flip, clowns, Santa Claus, bunnies, you name it and you get silliness.

Well, Karen aka Zecca has taken that oh so nifty memory from childhood and springboarded it into the 21st century of needlepoint.

The Chief



The King

Now imagine the 4 stitched and assembled onto the sides of three box pillows.  I know, lots of stitching work, but checkout the finished prototype.

Oh the fun!  What a conversation starter. 

Needlepoint is evolving.  We're all looking for new ways to use our needlepoint and Zecca is a forerunner in the fun usable needlepoint world.  Watch for more posts about other nifty cool projects that you can actually stitch and use, while not looking like they came from your grandmother.

Until next time

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