Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's in a Mystery?

I love a good mystery.  Delve into the characters and the plot... Wonder what twists and turns each page will bring.... It's all an adventure until the mystery is solved.

No, I'm not talking James Patterson, or Dan Brown.  I'm talking about the Mystery Classes that I teach. 

A couple of years ago I started Mystery Classes at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  We stitch a canvas in sections (chapters) never really knowing what is coming next. We get together either in person or virtually pretty much every other Sunday afternoon.  After class I post close up pictures here of what we did. 

I'm only stitching about a week ahead of you so this is an adventure for all of us.  

When you decide to join me on a mystery all you know is what the canvas will be. 
You also probably know a few basic facts if you know me. 
There will be beads.  I love beads!
There will be sparkle.  I love sparkle!
There will be exposed canvas (sorry, I like the canvases as they are painted and see no real need to cover all that pretty painting.)
There will be some unexpected plot twists.  Just when you think you know what I will do, I do my best to surprise you at least that's my goal.

You can see all the mysteries we have solved and those that are in progress here.  Currently we are stitching the Poinsettia Lady by Maggie.

Of course you can always join a mystery late or even after its been solved but it is sooooo much more fun to be part of the fun from the beginning.

Pear Collage starts March 25th.  It's not too late to sign up.  I have canvases ready! 

Keep your eye on the Mystery Class page of the website and you will always be the first to know what's coming next!

See you in class.
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